Tonight’s Stream

Tonight’s stream is with Booster drawing some lovely big Marley boobs for the game. Later on there’ll be an update post from Crimson about the plan forward, before he goes on vacation to see his family over the holidays. I’ll be sitting in on the stream chat to hang out and answer questions about the game as usual.

However, if you have any questions related to the recent staff change, please do not ask them in the stream chat. I would greatly appreciate if your questions were asked here on the site, specifically on this post, so that the answers can remain in one place for everyone to see.

Everyone here has been supportive and civil, for which I’m very thankful. I’m more than happy with the community we’re building here. That being said, I don’t want anyone badmouthing Fenoxo or Gedan. I won’t tolerate anyone stirring up trouble when Booster’s being nice enough to stream some art for us. Let’s keep it civil and enjoy ourselves watching him draw some stonkin’ tiddies.

5 Responses to “Tonight’s Stream”

  1. DevilBone says:

    Sorry, I missed the stream but I have a question, I hope its okay if I ask it here. If the indigogo doesn’t reach the end goal, what are the plans to continue funding the game?

    • Benji says:

      That’s a good question, and we’ll have some information on that soon after I do a bit more research and am certain of the best way forward. :3

  2. JfromfarPY says:

    I missed the stream D: , for some reason I aren´t receiving E-mails for when new posts are created…. Was this Stream recorded ?

  3. Zanzuki93 says:

    Benji i am sorry for what happened man. 🙁 However i think you made the right call I will continue to watch and support 🙂

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