The Story So Far

In July 2014, I posted an update on my FA page announcing I was going to make a game. Whenever I could spare the time between commissions, I’d be watching YouTube tutorials and reading up on how to write in C# and make a game in Unity. I’d never programmed anything before then, so there was a lot to learn. I managed to create the base Parser system and it’s brother, the Dictator system, as well as a mostly-functional UI. (The Parser is the thing that takes tags in text and replaces them with the right words and adjectives). There was also an in-game clock, some locations to move around and other bits and bobs. It all worked and was pretty slick, I thought. 

An early mock-up of the game’s UI. I didn’t make that background art.

Then Gedan came along and very, very kindly helped me fix a lot of things which would have caused big problems later on. My ideas were sound, their implementation not so much. As the game grew, Unity became a bigger and bigger obstacle. It’s not meant for this type of game, its editor providing more of a hindrance than a help. It also has bugs which broke my lovely UI, so the decision was made to start all over again without Unity, writing the entire thing from scratch in Haxe (basically a tarted-up version of JavaScript) with CreateJS.

We’ve since passed the stage the game was at in Unity as far as the back end goes, and are close to building up the UI again. We’ve got a solid plan for development to reach that all-important first release. I’ve spent over a year putting every spare moment I have into this game, and while progress has been solid, it’s been slow. This is where the decision to run the Indiegogo campaign came from.

The current UI mock-up, with actual game art.

With proper funding I can devote myself entirely to designing the game and creating art assets for it, as well as paying Gedan to be our lead programmer. I can also set up the site proper with forums and other cool things, and if the campaign goes well, commission more coders/artists to get it into your hands either faster or with more cool stuff in it at release.

I’ve poured far too much time into it to stop now. I think whether the crowdfunding campaign succeeds or not I’ll be working on this, it will simply mean the difference between a release a few years from now or in six months. Carnal Souls is happening no matter what.

7 Responses to “The Story So Far”

  1. Thodianed says:

    How do I throw money at the screen harder!? Seriously though, where can I go to help fund this amazing beast?

    • Benji says:

      Thanks! <3 I'm doing everything I can to get this up on an Indiegogo as soon as possible. I just want to make sure as much planning and preparation as possible happens first, so we can quote accurate figures and time-frames for completion. Plus get people excited about the coolstuff. :3

  2. Zanzuki says:

    So did this get on indiegogo and get funded or no?

  3. Revor The Dragon says:

    Is that a “Bestiary” tab I see? Any game that has one of those gets bonus points in my book, hehe~

  4. art926 says:

    The graphics looks amazing! Looks much nicer than CoC, I like the colors and atmosphere.

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