September Update

Hey guys,

This update will be a bit thin; Goldie and Crimson have been both similar degrees of overburdened by their day jobs since Crimson’s last big push to complete the latest merge. Which happens – we can only ask so much of anyone in their free time, and hope things ease up on them both soon. My eagerness to continue along to that first content update is practically nuclear.

For my part, I mentioned a few updates ago (I think) that I was working on what will either be a long quest chain or perhaps a standalone story. I’ve been continuing to work on that, having now the acts outlined and building character profiles. As a few people mentioned, even such a thing as an excercise helps me to build the world, and I feel it’s doing just that. Aside from making sure everyone knows what we need when they have a chance to work, writing’s one of the few productive things I can do from my bed, hence the focus thereon.

Also, apologies to anyone who had issues with the forum’s reCaptcha system, that should now be working as intended.

Mid-August Update

Hey guys,

So, Crimson has been able to take care of a huge merge. Our code has been updated in tons of ways, primarily to put us in a position for the new Unity update. Here’s a run-down of everything done:

  • GUI code overhaul. Something Crimson’s wanted to do for a while, making the systems a lot nicer under the hood. Inventory screen is fixed again, something important for the next client update. There’s also the beginnings of support for switching gear mid-fight, taking your ‘turn’ to do so. (It’ll likely rely on a specific skill later on to do this.)
  • Battle code update. Again this tidies up code and makes it easier to work with and expand upon, using phases. There’s also code now to prevent a battle triggering immediately after one has finished.
  • All the changes for Grids2, our hexmap system, have been implemented. This will become obsolete once we update to the new Unity, since it has built-in support for hexmaps, but it safeguards us having our own working solution for the time being.
  • Tons of superfluous code removed.


August Update

Hey guys,

Apologies for the tardiness. Got some interesting news this week.

So firstly, the hell-bug that was causing us all so many headaches has been squished. It caused no errors, but resulted in blank game screens in everyone’s Unity client except Crimson’s, making progress extremely difficult. They were able to identify the problem, and it’s now fixed. *Confetti.*

The interestinger news is in Unity’s latest updates. Firstly, they’re implementing in-engine hexmaps. We’ve gone to great lengths to hook together Tiled, create a custom importer to take maps made there into Unity, and fix the coordinate mismatch between it and a Unity asset called Grids2. While this update does render all of that obsolete, it means that we’re going to have a much easier time creating hexmaps inside Unity itself. It supports horizontal and vertical hexes, so it seemed we’ll not even have to change the sprites I’ve made already.

Mid-July Update

Hey guys,

Thank you all for your patience recently. That, the support, and well-wishes really helped while I was dealing with the home front. My stepdad is fine now with his pacemaker, there may be worse surgery later but for the time being he’s alive and well. Considering my mother and I thought we were watching him die while we waited for an ambulance (we were), the result is more than enough for me to be happy.

So, Crimson and Goldie have been doing what they can to acclimatise our newest team member, tackling the smaller but longer-standing problems. Until I know what moniker they’d like, for now they’ll be Green, to fit the colour theme. Already Green has proven capable and diligent, I couldn’t be happier about their work. Some bugs in the battle and map scenes are our focus, as they need to be eliminated before we can add to those views further, including quite a nasty one that formed as a result of needing to update Unity and its assets. It seems to behave differently on everyone’s machine except one, which will require some synchronised time together to work out.

Mid-June Update

Hey guys,

Some bigger news this week. In the interest of paddling ourselves out of the recent developmental doldrums, we’ve brought a new developer on board. They come highly recommended, and have previous experience working with Goldie on other things. They’re still in the process of getting acclimitised to the project, but they specialise in back-end workings, so I’m confident they’ll be of help. I hope you all appreciate as much as I do someone who’s willing to put in this kind of work in their free time, as the rest of the team do.

Crimson has been able to fix a number of map issues and a majority of the GUI issues. There’s still a few things that need fixing, but with these big fixes complete, and our new pair of hands, we can redouble our efforts on working toward the next update. We can’t expect an immediate boost from a new member, as there’s lots for them to learn and familiarise themselves with before they can contribute, but if all goes well it should help us out in the long term.

Apologies for the lack of Codex updates – I have at least finally been able to get that x-ray. I’ll know more about what they can do for my pain problem next week.

Until next time!

June Update

Hey guys,

Did some more work on our dialogue system this week with Goldie, who’s had a busy few weeks. We’re working on roughing together dialogue instances so that we can test and learn the system. Goldie’s managed to create a foundation so that generated enemies can take dialogue references into them, the goal right now is to create a generic way to handle scene flow so that we can then replicate and reuse it.

Made some new additions to the Codex. I do have a timeline I’m working on for Sunrest and the continent’s general history that’s nearing completion. Added some bits about one of the city’s districts to the codex and more information on the Shadowless. I’ll be adding more about the districts next, since Sunrest will likely be the game’s first city, as well as the capital, it demands the most attention. The more hooks and details in the codex, the easier I, and later, others, will find it to pick up ideas and threads for writing.

Apologies if this one’s a bit clipped – making another run at quitting smoking. Down to just 3-4 a day, but I’m feeling it. Love you all.

Mid-May Update

Hey guys,

Updated the Codex today. I’ve also been drafting up some quest and narrative ideas centered on the new additions, like the leader of Pyrexia being the mother of the King’s Advisor, and helping a Vulpen engineer working on a prototype bra designed for Apien workers. I’m doing most writing from my bed until I’m able to get my hip X-rayed or at least get a regular prescription for pain relief – just waiting on the appointment, still. If I can get my tablet working with my laptop, I might be able to do my arting there too. I’ve been aiming to address questions and queries you’ve brought up in the Codex thread, thank you for those.

Still providing all the support I can for the rest of the team. We all appreciate the moral support and well-wishes from you all, too. Goldie for her part has limited access to the codebase with the merge in progress, but has been able to tinker and dig around in our dialogue systems. If nothing else, we’re making sure we’re ready to hit the ground running once we’re able. The Developmental Doldrums aren’t uncommon, but I’m proud of my team for not giving up when so many do.

As always, if there’s anything you’d like me to focus on or write about in the Codex, feel free to post your questions and suggestions here or in the Codex thread. It’s already becoming a pretty robust and valuable repository for me when I’m writing. (Kinda wondering about just writing a CS novel on the side, at this stage.)

Also, Conan Exiles makes me want to make barbarians and slavery a thing. Thoughts?

May Update

Hey guys,

The team’s life situations continue to be terrible, but like driders in the woods, we continue to prepare for when we get some more meat to play with. Goldie’s been building and rebuilding everything on a separate computer in order to eliminate the possibility of extra bugs appearing on her end due to her setup. This has given us some more information on what’s problematic and what isn’t, especially helpful with the work Crimson has to do on the merge.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but it’s important to note the merge is a big one. On top of updating various assets (one for our map system, which completely overhauls the co-ordinates, so Crimson has to re-do our pathfinding and map generation), comes a deep optimisation pass for our UI. This’ll mean we’ll be a lot more able to add/change/generally work with our various UI’s, as well as working more efficiently under the hood.


Mid-April Update

Hey guys,

I’m afraid not much has changed since the last update. We’re still all doing our best to support Crimson, who to their credit remains resolute in completing their work. But as we know, this means all we can do is wait, unless some bit of luck befalls us, since to remain fed and housed Crimson needs to perform other work as well. The whole team, myself included, seem to be going through it at the moment, but Carnal Souls remains our goal. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude for the support and well-wishes you’ve all provided here. Trust me when I say it really keeps us going. I couldn’t be more grateful for the supportive and friendly community we have. <3

Last week we talked about rolls and skill checks, and there was a lot of interesting feedback and presented ideas. For clarity, if there is to be any actual dice-rolling (a la Roll20’s 3D dice feature) this will absolutely have the option to be disabled. At heart the question was more central around whether any random chance should be included at all.

Mid-March Update

Hey guys,

Slightly less than great news this week. We’re currently in a poor position due to needing Crimson to perform key updates, however they’re not in great shape. Crimson is still able to work, albeit slowly so as not to jeapordise their day job as well as an ongoing struggle with depression. Unfortunately this particular work is outside Goldie’s expertise, given it includes work updating systems Crimson created, and nor can we really build anything new until it’s done – since what we need to do for the next client update is dependent on what Crimson’s working on. Our little circle of developers are still looking at solutions and ways to help Crimson, but the end result is likely going to mean this part takes more time than we’d like. But, such is the life when operating on such a small budget. Crimson could easily ditch CS for an easier life, but none of us are beginning to entertain the idea of doing so. I can only thank you for your patience during this time, and hope you join me in showing support for an excellent and dedicated developer even when things are tough.

In the mean time, as the lovely Farlun pointed out, the Codex has been in need of some updating, so I’m currently in the process of doing exactly that. I’ll do my best to keep new things coming like lore and art in the interim. If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to focus on, feel free to submit ideas.