Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

I apologise that it’s been slow since the last update. I’m sure you’re aware that a lot’s happened in that time, not least of all the US election. A lot of my US friends have been in need of support, and both Vahn and Crimson have been doing the same. This won’t be a political discussion thread, I’m just letting you know what’s up. Besides that, every year about this time I suffer from seasonal adjustment disorder. Got my sunlamp (although caffeine isn’t an option) which should help. Thankfully I don’t suffer from the depression that usually comes with it, I just get to spend the next few weeks feeling as though I haven’t slept. It’s a pain, but nothing new. Usually I don’t like to mention┬ásuch things, but I’d like to keep these updates in the spirit of full disclosure. Anyway, update stuff: