First Development Update!


Hi folks!

Very happy to bring you guys our first proper development update. I’ll let Crimson do most of the talking for this, so for my part: Admin stuff is going well, just a few more loose ends to tie up because banks are about as hard to talk to as the Queen, it seems like.

My commissions are coming along, I’ll be able to devote much more time to development very soon, but for now I’ve been drawing and working with Crimson on the code and goal roadmap at the same time. I’ve also been using whatever time left over I have (like when I’m bed to sleep or in the bath) to figure out the story and how I want it to work. I’ve got lots of neat ideas written down for NPC’s and sidequests already, and I’m already building up a decent list of cool items and their effects too.

Meanwhile, Crimson has been very hard at work building up the anatomy system for controlling/changing/adding body parts, so I’ll let him tell you about that after the break below. :3


Character Transformation 2: Building a Better You

Transformation is a big part of Carnal Souls. There are tons of ways you can change yourself, and while some might be just to get sexy (whatever your definition of sexy is), other changes will offer some tactical benefits. Here I’ll talk about how you’ll go about changing yourself, from growing cat claws to dragon wings, or just some really big tits.  (more…)

Feature Feature: Character Transformation

This is the first of what I plan to be a neat little series of articles on features we’re either working on or planning for the future. The character transformation system is about half-way done at the time of writing, and covers pretty much everything. In fact there’s too many variables to list here, but I’ll summarise some of the really cool parts.  (more…)