Mid-February Update

Hey guys,

Apologies again for the delay, it’s been a heavy week, best on this occasion not to go into details. Goldie and Crimson have been busting their asses on figuring out, adapting, and fixing things to get us all updated, and Goldie has also been digging into our GUI and dialogue systems.

It’s no small task adapting a team of three that all use windows, mac, and linux machines. After successfully getting the codebase to update to the 2017.3 release of Unity, Goldie found it impossible to actually do any development work on this branch as Unity no longer shipped Monodevelop in a workable state for Linux. Firstly she gave a shot at using VSCode with Unity support, but couldn’t get it to work as a decent C# IDE at all. Then she tried compiling with both these debuggers, but they had the problem of being superficially working, but not able to actually debug anything. So, she recompiled every scrap of code she could find to try and support this version multiple times, including compiling every Monodevelop version in the 5.9 and 6.1 minor versions to try and find one that would successfully work with the published code available from Unity on their github page. So, in the end, she found a solution in reverting to the 5.5.0 branch and then re-updating it to the 2017.2 version of Unity, which is shipped with a working MonoDevelop, which works great. Then, because she’s great, she did a huge code-clean on all the work so far.


Mid-January Update

Hey guys,

So, this week’s update will focus on scene composition, pacing, and general ‘feel’. Sadly at the moment we have to wait for Crimson to perform a pretty huge merge with the last few months of Goldie’s work before we can start building stuff again. But I’ve been doing as much design and experimentation as possible for scenes themselves and getting the mistakes out of the way early, I think. This might be a bit of a rambly one while I share my findings and thoughts.

For those unaware, I consider there to be two ends of a workable spectrum. One one end is Trials in Tainted Space, which features long scenes which are mostly rigid – you choose the scene, there’s perhaps an option or two along the way, but there’s usually a fair chunk to read. On the other end I’d put Lilith’s Throne, which is much more modular. You can choose everything you do kind of moment to moment, and each option features a few sentences or less.


Let’s Talk About Sex

Firstly, thanks everyone for all your comments, suggestions, and feedback. It’s pretty awesome to see everyone enthusiastic about the project. I’ve been reading every single comment and it’s really wonderful to see you all thinking and contributing ideas. Thanks, everyone <3

There are going to be posts here throughout this month as we finalize the plans, and hopefully launch the IndieGogo at the end of this month. If you like what we have planned, you can help by telling your friends and using the share buttons; every person aware of Carnal Souls helps.

Today I’ll talk about sex and how the sex scenes in Carnal Souls will aim to be rich and most of all interactive. LET’S DO IT. (more…)