April Update

Hey guys,

Hope everyone to whom it applies had a nice easter time. I’ve had to focus recently on my family, leaving little time for anything else, though I wish it was for positive reasons. There comes a time when no amount of support can help an addict, and it’s getting closer to that point, at least with that person. Which, I think as I’ve mentioned before, comes at a kind of convenient time, since the project’s required progress doesn’t rest with me at the moment. I dislike being taken away from it even for a short time, but family comes first. The bonds of blood aren’t easily broken, but alcohol thins the blood, to wax poetic about it. I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate your patience and understanding so far, it really does help.

That being said, in spare moments, I’ve been giving some thought to our primary attributes and how they can be used. I am starting to appreciate the genius simplicity of D&D 5th Edition (though, I’ve no experience with other editions). Six stats, and skills that are all based off of those, supplemented with a bonus for proficiency in that skill. As you level up, your proficiency bonus increases, and thus so do any skills in which you’re proficient. The reason I’m considering this is that I’ve a few neat ideas for the application of skills during combat, and also want there to be possible skill checks during dialogue or certain encounters. I think a good example of this is Fallout New Vegas.