January Report

Hello guys and gals and all variations thereof!

So, January is at a close and it’s time to let you all know what’s been happening. Been a very busy month for me, so I’ll try to keep it brief. The short version is that Crimson and I are just hashing out the final details of his contract, and once that’s done, I can pay him and we can begin development in earnest! Pending no hitches with the payment, we’re right on schedule.

The long version is that I’ve set up and registered a limited company, I have an accountant and agent, an official office address, and written permission from my local council to operate said company from my home. There are a few more tasks I’ve completed which should be approved and set up within the week, but we can progress without them for now.

Thanks everyone for your patience, I know it’s been tough dealing with a month of silence after supporting us, but now that we have the proper groundwork done we can forge ahead worry-free and uninhibited by paperwork. We’ll have more updates coming soon as Crimson and I get started. :3

Until next time!