Indiegogo over!


It’s illegal not to use this gif for this


Guys, we made it. We hit 95% of the funding goal. It’s not 100%, but fuck it, I’m counting it. Carnal Souls is happening!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of you – everyone who pledged, everyone who spread the word, everyone who supported us both financially and verbally. We can’t wait to make an awesome game for all of you.

As I mentioned during the last stream, there’s some busywork to get done now. Accountants need hiring, contracts need writing, expenses need paying. The IGG money won’t clear for another two weeks or so, but in the mean time there’s lots of red tape to cut through. So, bear with us for a bit as updates might be a bit slow while I get all that sorted out. I expect us to be in full development mode by the end of January, at least, that’s the hope.

As a celebration, enjoy some lovely basted Marley boobs, courtesy of Booster! It’s still a WIP but I think we can all agree it’s suitably glorious enough for the occasion.


Until next time, thanks all of you beautiful little squishies and have a happy new year!