Mid-March Update

Hey guys,

First up, apologies for the interruption in service to the blog. We had a problem with an exploit found in an outdated plugin which was redirecting traffic. It had no effect on the forums. This has since been fixed by Crimson.

Currently we’re waiting for Crimson to get set up and work through their backlog caused by moving across the country, so in that time I’ve been trying to make sure everything’s in order so we can work as soon as they’re able. Last update I opened the discussion on inventory and loot, for which you guys raised some good points I’d like to talk about and present my ideas. Typically I’m against design-by-committee, so understand that I’ll be making the final call on how we do things, but your input and thoughts are always valuable to me.

A large part of what I’m seeing is the desire for inventory to be as non-intrusive and quick as possible. Nobody likes having to spend time in a cleared dungeon deciding what loot to leave behind and what to take, or playing inventory tetris. A few people asked we only look at weight, ignoring volume, too.


March Update

Hey guys,

Things seem to be working out well for Crimson in their new home, with the exception of their desk broken in transit. This has meant a bit delay in them being able to set up and work properly, but should be remedied soon. Most of my various appointments, scans, and meetings are out of the way now as well. My hope is that soon I’ll have some better course of treatment.

However, I have been putting some deeper thought recently into inventory systems. Thinking about what makes items and looting exciting and what makes them boring, what makes inventory management a chore and what makes it so easy you barely notice. It interests me especially since it involves gameplay (what items are available), GUI (How the inventory is presented), how it interacts with the player (weight slowing you down, making you heavier, maybe making you harder or easier to knock down, etc.), and how those items are delivered to the player. For instance, Zelda’s musical sequence compared to anything with a quick ‘loot all’ button. A lot of things tie together for this one system.

August Update 2

I could probably find a more creative way to name these.


So, been about two weeks since the last update. Crimson and I have been focusing hard on the inventory system. It’s working great now, we just want to put in a few more parts before pushing it in the next build.

So far we have a working interface which builds a nice-looking table/list of all your items. We have a tab for both weapons and armour, which can now be equipped properly, with one-handed weapons able to be placed in either hand, two-handed weapons taking up both, and armour having slots for each part.