Indiegogo over!


It’s illegal not to use this gif for this


Guys, we made it. We hit 95% of the funding goal. It’s not 100%, but fuck it, I’m counting it. Carnal Souls is happening!

I cannot begin to express my gratitude to all of you – everyone who pledged, everyone who spread the word, everyone who supported us both financially and verbally. We can’t wait to make an awesome game for all of you.

As I mentioned during the last stream, there’s some busywork to get done now. Accountants need hiring, contracts need writing, expenses need paying. The IGG money won’t clear for another two weeks or so, but in the mean time there’s lots of red tape to cut through. So, bear with us for a bit as updates might be a bit slow while I get all that sorted out. I expect us to be in full development mode by the end of January, at least, that’s the hope.

As a celebration, enjoy some lovely basted Marley boobs, courtesy of Booster! It’s still a WIP but I think we can all agree it’s suitably glorious enough for the occasion.


Until next time, thanks all of you beautiful little squishies and have a happy new year!

Three Days Left!

See Marley finished up (and on) tomorrow

See Marley finished up (and on) tomorrow

Only three days of the Indiegogo and 20% funding remain! I’m hopeful we’ll get a spike of pledges before it ends, but if not, I want to outline what’s going to happen.

Firstly, as promised on the IGG page, we’re going to make Carnal Souls regardless. Indiegogo’s ‘Flexible Funding’ means we don’t have to reach the goal to receive that money. It will mean that it’s likely things will take a bit longer if we don’t reach that goal – this is unavoidable, as it means that with our current plans and projections, the money will run out before it’s done, meaning we’ll be working on our free time to get it to first release.

To mitigate this, I’ll be setting up a Patreon so that, as we show what we’re doing and our progress, we can continue to generate some funds to keep development going full-time. However, it is obviously better to have that money at the start so it can be planned around and allocated, so to help with this I’m asking all of you to hit those share buttons at the bottom, retweet, reblog, all that stuff, in the last few days of the campaign. Spread the word!

Booster will be streaming for us again tomorrow Tuesday at the usual time (midnight GMT) and the usual place (here), where you can see Marley here get all finished and shiny and probably extremely sticky.

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday time, and here’s to an awesome new year!

Staff Changes

I’m sure a lot of you have questions, so I’ll try to give you as much information as possible. Gedan is no longer on the team, I’ll go into why shortly.

Firstly, an apology is owed to Fenoxo.  His endorsement rested on Gedan being part of the team. He feels this has made him into a liar. I completely understand that, though I completely did not understand until a short while ago. It was thoughtlessness on my part. My only defense is that at the time of that endorsement, I wasn’t considering a new programmer. Regardless, Fenoxo’s well within his rights to withdraw his endorsement. I have every intention of earning that endorsement back, but it will take some time, as I’m sure it will for a lot of you.

So, Gedan’s no longer working directly on Carnal Souls. This is not something I have taken lightly. Changing staff halfway through a crowdfunding campaign never looks good. Backers and fans will understandably worry, people will want to withdraw, I get it. But I think the benefits of my decision outweigh the losses, and while waiting until the campaign was over to make this change would have meant no loss of funds, it would have been a shitty, dishonest thing to do.

The bottom line is this: I will be working on Carnal Souls full time, I want a lead programmer working on it full time with me, or as close to that as possible. I don’t want to have to fight Fenoxo for Gedan’s time. Roughly 66% of the entire Indiegogo money is to hire a programmer, and I am obligated to get as much out of that as possible. That’s not my money, that’s yours, and you’ve entrusted that to me to spend properly. Gedan is an excellent programmer with experience with these games, but it’s my feeling that Carnal Souls needs it’s own fully dedicated team if it’s going to come close to reaching its goals. And, for the record, I fully intend to pay Gedan for the work she’s done so far.

Gedan has the skills and experience, just not the time I think Carnal Souls needs. So, after I was able to find someone with all the time AND skills we need, I made the decision. It’s my sincerest hope that Fen, Gedan, and I can still collaborate in the future. My respect for them and their experience hasn’t changed one bit, and I value their input a great deal.

I’m sure some of you want to know about the replacement programmer. He goes by Crimson, and he’s been professional software development for nearly 20 years. Game development has been a long time hobby of his, and he sees this as the perfect opportunity to start on it more professionally, especially given that in many ways, Carnal Souls is architecturally similar to things he’s made before. The last game he worked on in his spare time had a hex-based map (like the one we’re planning), and he’s written call-scripting software which is basically branching dialogues for real life conversations. He’s also done back-gate and time tracking software and ecommerse sites, so web development is well within his expertise too. If you have any questions for him or want to quiz his knowledge, feel free to ask away in the comments.

The only downside I see to hiring him is that at such short notice, he’s unable to cancel his Christmas plans with family, and I wouldn’t really ask him to anyway. Which means code streams will resume early January, but we’ll have game art streams in the mean time from some stellar artists, and I’ll also be posting updates about content. What I can pay him is a lot less than he’s used to being paid, but he’s interested in the game enough to want to do it anyway. I absolutely believe that Carnal Souls is going to benefit from the change. Not only that, I think CoC and TiTS will too, without me always wanting to pull Gedan away to work on CS.

I think that about covers everything. I don’t want any animosity between Fen, his team, fans, or us. I think both Carnal Souls and CoC/TiTS can only benefit from us all collaborating and exchanging ideas, and it’s my hope that one day we can.

Thank you to everyone who’s read this far and waited before getting a refund. If you still want one, you are well within your rights to do so and I’ll be happy to provide them. That being said, I have complete faith that Carnal Souls will happen. Again, if you’d like to ask Crimson any questions, feel free to do so in the comments here. At the time of writing he’s away, but he’ll be back in a few hours.

The next stream should be tomorrow around the same time as usual, about midnight GMT, with Boosterpang drawing some lovely dirty Marley.

Half Way There + Sold Out Perks

Hi folks, just a little update to let everyone know we’re past the half-way mark, and we’ve also sold out of the Legendary Sword +5, Mythical Sword, AND Mythical Sword +5 tiers! Given that I’ve recieved a ton of messages through Indiegogo from people holding off to see more streams or until after Christmas, I’ve made second batches of those tiers at a slightly higher price. I’m not sure if we’ll be doing a third batch, but we’ll see how long these last.

We’ll also be doing another stream Saturday at around the same time, 8-9pm GMT, though this may well be later as we’ve been working long nights and have messed up sleep schedules. We’ll post the videos here for anyone that misses them. Thanks so much to everyone who’s pledged <3 If you can’t pledge, you can still help by spreading the word.

Until tomorrow!

(Nearly) Week Two Update

ChainmailBikiniModelAs we approach the end of Week Two of the Indiegogo campaign, I’d like to let everyone know what we’ve been up to. The site’s been a little quiet, which in our case usually means we’re busy in the background.

Firstly, not even two weeks in and we’re at 40% funded. Huge thanks to everyone who has pledged and supported us, and massive shout out to Fenoxo for helping get the word out. We’ve already sold out of the Legendary Sword +5 tier!

As for progress, Gedan’s been noodling with the hosting and such so the site should load a lot faster now, which will be great going forward as it means much shorter load times for the prototype builds, as well as giving us secure connections. The change broke a couple things but Stereo fixed them nice and quick.

Gedan and I have been putting together the first steps of the game in the form of the character creation screens. I’ve written the flavour texts for each step and put together some mockups for how I want them to look, as well as made the first entry in the Carnal Codex (basically the master lore source), and Ged’s been busy figuring out how to put it all together. Hopefully we can show you all some of that in the next stream.


Indiegogo is nearly here!

We just got the go-ahead from Indiegogo!

We’re just putting the finishing touches on the Indiegogo page and we’ll be able to launch sometime within the next 12 hours! The Indiegogo should run until December 31st – so we can start the new year (hopefully!) in full development mode.

I’ve made up lots of pretty forum badges for different account types, as well as some extra ones for contributors down the line, like writers and artists. I also roughed out one of the origin stories in full. There are ten origin stories planned out for now, but they’re just jobs and occupations – how you play the character is up to you.


Feature Feature: Dungeons (oh and mobile version)

Hey folks! Apologies for the brief delay, it seems half the world encountered sick days and technical difficulties for some totally unknown reason, all at the same time, right as Fallout 4 came out. Weird.

GrigglePromo Shown to the right is Griggle, one of my longest-running characters (some people who’ve followed my art for a while will know him already). He’s coming into the Carnal Souls cast in full force (hue), and you’ll have lots of interaction options with him. We’re really going to try to keep the cast of NPC’s balanced, so expect males, females, herms, and everything in between in mostly equal measure.

Today’s post will likely be the last Feature Feature, as we’re gearing up to launch the Indiegogo very soon! If you’re interested in Carnal Souls becoming a reality, show your support, and if you can’t, just help spread the word. <3 Today we’re going to talk about dungeons and what we want them to bring to the game.