Mid-March Update

Hey guys,

I’ve been slowly chipping away at things but sadly the past couple weeks have been exceptionally severe, pain wise, which hasn’t given me much room to focus. A lot of red on the chart my pain management doctor advised me to keep. Mostly I’ve been trying to make notes and consider design thoughts in what moments of not-feeling-like-being-stabbed I have. Thankfully it seems to be easing off now, as always I’ll do what I can. Cold and wet weather seem to make it a lot worse (fortunate I live in the UK, such a famously tropical country) but as spring comes that will also help.

March Update

Hey guys,

So, character generation is working in its basic form. It’s now able to make characters with bodyparts, save them and reload them. After being without computer for a while I’ve had to spend some time re-acclimatising myself with the code, so I also went around and did some tidying up here and there as I re-learned my way around.

The next step will be the staff management script. I’ve been thinking about ways to go about keeping track of who is working where. It’s important how that information is stored; should work location be stored on each NPC, or the location store a list of NPC’s working there, that sort of thing. One of my more code-savvy friends recommended I look at something called a doubly-linked list, which will take me a bit of reading to understand. As long as only one script is responsible for adding/removing/moving staff around I think it should be okay. Either way, once that’s in place, I can expand things a little, add some logic and code for facilities to actually do stuff and it’ll start looking a bit more like a game. With sexy parts. I haven’t forgotten about the sexy parts, promise.

Mid-February Update

Hey guys,

So I think I’ve finally arrived at a good model overall for NPC and Player stats/attributes/skills. Part of what made it tough was designing it so that the player and NPC’s/Staff had some overlapping functionality while keeping the two as simple as possible. So Staff can do their jobs, but the player can also do Staff jobs too (with the same effect on productivity as well as skill training), as well as the other stuff the Player can do that Staff cannot.

With that hopefully out of the way, barring any (more) sudden realisations none of it will work, I can return to the character generation scripts and start having the game generate NPC’s for hire. That part’s probably the biggest chunk out of the key elements needed for something playable since it includes skills, stats, all the body stuff for transformatives, so on. After that I’ll be moving on to making facilities work and the code needed to see how well they’re working based on the skills of who the player employs there.

February Update

Hey guys,

I’m pretty much all set up again now. The only thing I’ve not gotten working on the replacement computer is Thunderbird’s Mail Merge plugin which I use to send out the update emails, but I’ll make sure it’s done for next time.

I have my GIT and Godot all set up and everything’s good to go there. I’ve been unable to code for a while now so currently my main task is getting back up to speed on it, both how to program and continuing the dozen threads of thought I was working on before. I do have a Trello board and lots of written notes, it just takes time.

I also have design documentation on character stats that needs more work. It’s nearly there but it needs refinement; I understand that some people will come to the game just for the sex stuff while others will want more depth, so it has to be simple enough to understand and use but not so simple it’s uninteresting. I want to get that right, since so much of the game’s mechanics and meaning rest on how the player sees and utilises characters.

I hope everyone’s new year is treating them well. Thank you to everyone still showing their support, it means more than I can express. We’ll get there.

Mid-January Update

Hey guys,

Thankfully I’m now back online, new machine is here and working. Understandably with the holiday season and covid it took much longer to get here, but at least it now is and arrived undamaged. Praise be to the postal workforce.

However there’s still some work to do with it, I don’t yet have my email client set up yet for sending out the emails for each update, and there’s a lot of other software that needs downloading and setting up. I should be done with that within a couple days, by which time I can get myself back up to speed and resume programming.

I hope everyone’s keeping safe, wearing masks, and looking out for one another.

December Update

Hey guys,

I’m a little late on this one, had some furniture to put together and install and entered the DIY spiral of fixing/cleaning/reorganising everything in the vicinity. Now my hip is filled with hate.

So, progress. At Goldie’s suggestion I began putting together spreadsheets to mock up my character stats and get a better feeling for which information is most important, which parts are confusing, so on. As most of you know I can never turn down a spreadsheet. The process has helped a lot and I’m much closer now to a final model.

One particular problem to solve was this: I wanted certain jobs to require certain skills. I put together fifteen skills – five for each category of physical, mental, and sexual skillsets – which can hopefully be applied to any job I want to include. However, the five sexual skills (oral, anal, vaginal, penetration, flexibility) very much depend on that NPC’s anatomy. So it can’t be as simple as requiring a good score in all of them to be a good whore, for instance. This led me down the path of considering skills for jobs to be required, optional, and/or specialisation.

Obviously how well this will work will depend largely on how well I can present this information in the UI, and that’s what I’m working on next. Something else that needs figuring out first is the player character’s stats. I believe I have a decent solution that will allow me to avoid the player having an entirely different set of attributes and skills but still give the scope of stats needed to be able to do the things I want to. Simply put, the player and NPC’s need to have as similar a set of attributes as possible, while also being applicable to two very different scopes of possible actions. The player should be able to do all the jobs NPC’s can, but also able to apply their skills to other parts of the game.

I’ll feel more comfortable talking about it in detail once I’m satisfied it’s a fully working model. My yardstick is pretty much if it’s too difficult to explain then it’s not simple enough to be fun. That and if it gives me a migraine trying to think of how to program it.

Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

Only a short update today, it’s been a difficult month. A friend got covid, my nephew got covid, a pet died, the list goes on. I’ve not been in a great space mentally, though I have at least gotten the majority of work done on that commission I mentioned last time that will be the last on my list.

I am eager to get back to coding again, once I have the capacity for it. I need my entire brain to make any semblance of progress. Turns out programming’s really hard, but I am getting there little by little, and I have friends who are able to help me when I get stuck.

On the plus side, time away has given me fresh eyes on what I’ve been working on for character attributes and stats. I think there’s a good amount of work here still yet to do in order to boil everything down to its most essential parts. I want there to be depth so that players can make their characters how they want, but not so much that it requires looking over screens full of numbers all the time. If anyone has some recommendations on simple but effective RPG systems, tabletop or videogames, feel free to post them; I can always do with more material to look at.

Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

Apologies for missing the last update, I was laid up with an inner ear problem (BPPV for those curious) and there wasn’t much I could do aside from sleep. I’m all fine now though, thankfully, but I’ve had to focus on other things: namely the last commission on my list. Here’s what it looks like so far. It wasn’t as monumental a task when I took it on; I only have 4-6 hours a day I can really work with these days. After it’s done though, I’ll be entirely without artistic obligations for the first time in basically ever, which will be a decent load off my mind. As we all know, I’m obligated to deliver more than that.

Speaking of which, I think CS: Homestead is about halfway there to something playable. It’ll of course be an alpha, but there’s only a few more core pieces needed. It’s not going to blow anyone’s mind or socks off, but it will be something released; the first of many, I hope. I’ll be working on this picture a little while yet but once that’s done my time, such as it is, will be spent on this.

Until next time!

Mid-September Update

Hey guys,

I’m gradually figuring out the character generator for Homestead. My prototype had some problems built into it which required some rethinking, but I believe I’ve come to a good solution. The less wordful version is that I’ve managed a good chunk of progress by sitting down and having a good ponder, and I think all that remains is to finish up the rest of it before building something I can use to test it.

The more wordful version is how I’ve been thinking of resolving nationality, languages, and ethnicity. It’s not something that can be added later without (as I have discovered) a lot of code rewriting, so it’s a good thing to get it in early. I also think it’s a good thing to track that adds depth; teaching staff to read and write in the native language is a strong character facet and a good potential area to bond with them. A fox girl that you’ve taught to read and write will have a lot to be thankful for, as an example.

The problem: Determining where a person is from in order to simulate their name, ethnicity, whether they can speak the local language (which I’ll call Common here), and how well. The logical thing, at least I thought so at first, is to look at gender, then ethnicity, native language, then from those choose suitable name and figure out the probability from there how well that person can speak Common. The trouble is that with this approach is that its unecessarily concerned with race as it relates to their birthplace and how that translates to nationality, as well as adding a lot of extra steps.

The solution: Infer everything in reverse order by accent. During generation, give a character a gender and an ethnicity, be it skin colour or species, and from that give them an accent based on likelihood. Everyone has an accent, and from it we can infer everything else: the likelihood they speak Common, to what degree, and pick from a tidy list of workable names for them. This makes things cleaner to program as well as putting nationality on the sidelines, because ultimately it means nothing. For instance, an American might speak with a Nigerian accent since they could have been born in America and raised by parents who spoke Hausa. The fact that they’re American tells us nothing. Rather than needing an enormous number of varying name lists to cover every possible name for an American, I can work from their accent and determine more easily what their name could be, and how probable it is that they speak a certain language. For clarity, this game’s not set on Earth, obviously, but this makes it a much simpler way to generate a character’s biography.

It seems simple enough, but it was a problem that baked my brain a bit. As I’m learning, and have been talking to my programming betters, learning the shortest path through inference to the desired result is a good skill to have. Anyway, I know it’s hardly horny stuff but pretty much all the sexual things are done already as far as character generation goes.

Until next time!

September Update

Hey guys,

Past weeks have been focused mostly on the conceptual side. Before building the large system that creates characters in all their complexity, I want to be as sure as I can that it’s building them how I’ll need them to in the future. Some time investment now means time saved later that might have to be spent rebuilding it. That still might happen, I’m kinda flying by the seat of my pants, but hopefully I can minimise that with some forethought.

One thing I’m sure about is that characters, the people you meet and hire in the game, are the stars of the show. Who they are and what they want is important beyond what they look like or how hot they are. The goal isn’t some kind of dating sim but as the game weeks tick on and your homestead grows, I’d like it to be possible for the player to form bonds with the staff, or at least remember them.

That aside, I’ve also had to devote more time to doing some commission work here and there to help keep the lights on. Grateful I have friends that make this easy for me to do.

So yeah, lots written in my design journals/notebooks, but hopefully by next update I’ll have some fun character generation stuff to show off.