Mid-September Update

Hey guys,

Recently I’ve been working very hard on lore and the world. As mentioned in a previous update, I’ve been putting together something of a D&D campaign based in CS’s universe. As the players have been choosing characters, writing backstories, and asking questions, it’s resulted in a lot of world-development. Which is the whole point, but I’m very happy with the progress so far.

All races have been developed further, but Boven have gotten a lot of attention in particular. This has forced me to think in greater detail about their social dynamic. They live mostly in isolation in the mountains, pursuing lives of meditation, philosophy, poetry, and martial arts. Boven society is a collection of families, arranged in a organic heirarchy. The Bullyan family rests at the top, and has done for some time. A family’s standing in the community is based heavily on their daughters – well-endowed producers of milk, named Ambrosials.