June Update

Hey guys,

Did some more work on our dialogue system this week with Goldie, who’s had a busy few weeks. We’re working on roughing together dialogue instances so that we can test and learn the system. Goldie’s managed to create a foundation so that generated enemies can take dialogue references into them, the goal right now is to create a generic way to handle scene flow so that we can then replicate and reuse it.

Made some new additions to the Codex. I do have a timeline I’m working on for Sunrest and the continent’s general history that’s nearing completion. Added some bits about one of the city’s districts to the codex and more information on the Shadowless. I’ll be adding more about the districts next, since Sunrest will likely be the game’s first city, as well as the capital, it demands the most attention. The more hooks and details in the codex, the easier I, and later, others, will find it to pick up ideas and threads for writing.

Apologies if this one’s a bit clipped – making another run at quitting smoking. Down to just 3-4 a day, but I’m feeling it. Love you all.

Mid-May Update

Hey guys,

Updated the Codex today. I’ve also been drafting up some quest and narrative ideas centered on the new additions, like the leader of Pyrexia being the mother of the King’s Advisor, and helping a Vulpen engineer working on a prototype bra designed for Apien workers. I’m doing most writing from my bed until I’m able to get my hip X-rayed or at least get a regular prescription for pain relief – just waiting on the appointment, still. If I can get my tablet working with my laptop, I might be able to do my arting there too. I’ve been aiming to address questions and queries you’ve brought up in the Codex thread, thank you for those.

Still providing all the support I can for the rest of the team. We all appreciate the moral support and well-wishes from you all, too. Goldie for her part has limited access to the codebase with the merge in progress, but has been able to tinker and dig around in our dialogue systems. If nothing else, we’re making sure we’re ready to hit the ground running once we’re able. The Developmental Doldrums aren’t uncommon, but I’m proud of my team for not giving up when so many do.

As always, if there’s anything you’d like me to focus on or write about in the Codex, feel free to post your questions and suggestions here or in the Codex thread. It’s already becoming a pretty robust and valuable repository for me when I’m writing. (Kinda wondering about just writing a CS novel on the side, at this stage.)

Also, Conan Exiles makes me want to make barbarians and slavery a thing. Thoughts?

Mid-March Update

Hey guys,

Slightly less than great news this week. We’re currently in a poor position due to needing Crimson to perform key updates, however they’re not in great shape. Crimson is still able to work, albeit slowly so as not to jeapordise their day job as well as an ongoing struggle with depression. Unfortunately this particular work is outside Goldie’s expertise, given it includes work updating systems Crimson created, and nor can we really build anything new until it’s done – since what we need to do for the next client update is dependent on what Crimson’s working on. Our little circle of developers are still looking at solutions and ways to help Crimson, but the end result is likely going to mean this part takes more time than we’d like. But, such is the life when operating on such a small budget. Crimson could easily ditch CS for an easier life, but none of us are beginning to entertain the idea of doing so. I can only thank you for your patience during this time, and hope you join me in showing support for an excellent and dedicated developer even when things are tough.

In the mean time, as the lovely Farlun pointed out, the Codex has been in need of some updating, so I’m currently in the process of doing exactly that. I’ll do my best to keep new things coming like lore and art in the interim. If there’s anything in particular you’d like me to focus on, feel free to submit ideas.


November Update

Hey guys,

First off, we hope everyone had a great Halloween. I spent the majority of mine writing something filthy and slightly Halloween-inspired, more about that further down.


The new GUI is coming along and looking good, already closely resembling the new mockups. The next step will be to focus on the back end in order to have the new pretty buttons perform the new moves, and have the battle change state correctly depending on if it’s waiting for input or ‘playing’ the enemy’s turn, displaying the new continue button respectively. It serves as kind of a stand in for animations, and the new position and automatic timer should be a big improvement over the current design.