character creation

Character Creation Update 1


Character Creation:
Name Screen – Imposed a character limit and allowed for special characters.
Sex – Resulting sex is now shown on the page itself near the checkboxes.
Species – Overhauled page into card style display with new emblems, placeholder descriptions and stat bonuses. Rabbits are now included as a starting race.
Age – Now refined into brackets of Young Adult, Adult, Middle-Aged, and Elder.
Steward – Reorganised into a checkbox selection with validation for age. Adults and Young Adults can choose to have parents as stewards. This is so that parent characters aren’t super old if we decide to later write incest content for them.
Origin – Overhauled page  into card style display with new emblems, descriptions, and stat bonuses.
Build/Shape – Merged into a single ‘Bodytype’ page with 15 different bodytypes and 5 skin tones to choose from, with preview images in a more pleasing display.
New page, Fur/Scales – Shown  upon selecting a furred or scaled species. Allows you to choose from generic fur patterns/colours for fur and scales.
Hair – Now presented as styles rather than just length, displayed similarly to the new Bodytype page, with images for each hairstyle and colour selection. More styles to be added later.
Eyes – Overhauled page presentation with images for colour selection.
Attraction – Page removed in favour of more holistic attraction analysis throughout the game.
Traits – Overhauled to show more information and to be more easily navigated.
Stats – Overhauled with more information for each primary stat as well as how it affects your secondary stats.


Firstly, I want thank everyone who commented and left us feedback on the last couple posts. Both Crimson and I have read every single one, and it’s really encouraging to see you all taking the time to give us your thoughts. <3

We’ve significantly improved the GUI and features of character creation, using a lot of images I made myself, as well as a few from which will likely end up being placeholders for now. We’ll be moving on to the parser next, more on that below.