June Update

Hey guys,

This week Crimson and I have discussed an idea they’ve had concerning our dialogue system. Previously the plan has been to employ a Unity asset called Dialogical to map out branching dialogues, but Crimson has had solid ideas on how we can create tools to do the same thing, only better suited to our game, most notably in allowing a large degree of the dialogue itself to be generated via plain text and then represented graphically. This’ll mean it’ll be possible for any writer to plot their own dialogue to a degree, rather than relying solely on us developers to interpret and ‘plug in’ everything. It also means that we’re also not relying on any third party developers – we’ve already faced problems with our hexagonal mapping tools by its creators seemingly vanishing from the earth, but thankfully Unity itself now has its own hexagonal map tools in-engine that we’ll be making the switch to. This gives us much more control, and Crimson is confident that the work involved in doing so is about the same as it would be to program Dialogical to conform to our needs.