What is Carnal Souls?

Carnal Souls is an ambitious video game I, and a few like-minded souls, are developing. It’s a text-based, open-world RPG adventure that, while being a game foremost, will feature a ton of sexy stuff. Basically imagine if Corruption of Champions had sex (which it would – lots) with The Witcher 3. I don’t think we can realistically plan for the sheer scope of The Witcher series, but that’s the trajectory I want to work towards; places to explore, stories to uncover, treasure to loot, characters to help  – and then most likely have raunchy sex with afterwards.

After the initial crowdfunding kick-start, the plan is to follow the model of Corruption of Champions – continuing to update the game with new content as an ongoing project. There is no ‘finished’ state in mind as far as content goes. New stories, new characters, new stuff to do and things to get kinky with, funded by Patreon or something similar depending on what seems best when we release the first build. (more…)