Stream is a go

(Sorry for the wait)

Stream’s over! Thanks everyone who came along to ask questions and such. We’ll be doing it again sometime soon. :3

9 Responses to “Stream is a go”

  1. FluidFlux says:

    You mentioned a recording for those that missed it?

  2. WulfesHeafod says:

    It was really neat getting to chat at you guys and watch the code come along. Sorry about rambling on about Discworld as much as I did.

    • Benji says:

      Absolutely not a problem! Glad to have you along.

    • Perro Travers says:

      If I popped on the chat I probably would have brought up the dystopian cyberpunk novel that parodies recurring issues Snow Crash (warning: there may be other things using the title).

      It was a bit of a mystery where even the jokes were important to the story (How they’re important can be pretty surprising).

      I actually found the book thanks to Death Wore Endless Feathers (it has male jiggle physics. Or at least the creator was working on it).

  3. Jag says:

    For people who want to become a backer, what is the max time limit we can buy backer membership for? Does supporter status (20$) provide longer than six months? Or is every thing after Dagger+5 do six months? I’m very interested in this! 😀 Hope you make your goal!

  4. Mishaxhi says:

    You know what I really love about this blog? The progress! I’ve gotta say, this is all really impressive. I’d become rather accustomed to the idea of every other post being an excuse about why nothing got done for a week. Now, have my money.

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