September Update

Hey guys,

Recently Goldie and I finished making all the major decisions for individual bodyparts. There’s now lots more flexibility in the system and only a small amount to finish there before we can call the Body system’s first version complete. It’s about as complex as I expected it to be, though no more than it needs to be now.

Penises have been the hardest (hurr) part to design, given how I want the to be so modular. Sheaths, Knots, shafts, glans, and foreskins can all be customised individually for each penis. There needed to be some custom rules in place for each. All bodyparts are described according to their size relative to your body, but with the exception now of foreskin, since I think it’s more pertinent to describe its size relative to the glans it surrounds.

Secondmost difficult has probably been the belly. We’ve designed several child objects for it to be influenced by that will represent either offspring, fluid, or objects like eggs. However, it also has to take fatness into account as well.

As said before, every single bodypart has an accurately-calculated volume and weight. This has been pretty gruelling on me since I loathe any math other than basic arithmetic, but at the time of writing pretty much everything regarding volume has now been laid out. No doubt it will all need tweaking as we get into testing, but for now it’s all at a stage I’m happy with.

In other news, Goldie is heading to America on the 16th. This will mean she’ll be away for about six weeks. We aim to get everything as done as it can be with the body system before she goes, and once she has, I’ll be focusing on lore and art stuff, like the world map and getting more enemies and characters designed. She has most definitely earned a vacation but I’ll try to keep you guys entertained until she’s back.

Until next time!

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  1. Panre says:

    Greetings! I propose to draw on knowledge and interesting ideas from these two games. In them, the character’s editor is perfectly made (although both are not even completed in half)


    Lilith’s Throne >:

    P.s. I think this will help you at least somehow. Or even make it easier.

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