Mid-December Update

Hey guys,

It’s been a pretty tight couple weeks, with members of the team visiting family before Christmas, conventions, and one of us needing to emergency move across the US. We have at least been able to discuss and solve some pressing questions about how to proceed. On my end at least things have been reasonable, and I’ve continued to keep at my programming studies and even had some good enough pain days to get some art progressed, too.

If I can keep up this pace of learning I hope to be able to begin contributing to CS’s code in the new year. At this point I think I could get some things working, but my implementation would likely create more work when Crimson has to rewrite it. GUI at least is where I think I’m getting a good grip, and since it’s all my design I’m in the best position to put it together.

I don’t predict a great deal happening over the holiday and new year as everyone’s schedules are understandably pretty well booked. I hope you all have a great season and thank you all again for your continued love and support. Perhaps soon I can start feeling as though I deserve it.

See you all in 2020. <3

December Update

Hey guys,

There’s been some good progress since last time. Our team’s newest additions have been learning and contributing to Crimson’s very high-level code. Unfortunately there’s nothing juicy I can show you for it, since the progress made has all been back-end stuff, but I’m hoping that’ll change soon.

As mentioned previously, the current task is to create a kind of system that will oversee changes to the world based on quest stages and other events. If you have a quest that has you rescue someone from a fire, for instance, we can’t have the player able to go into the building as normal, as if nothing’s going on in there. So the quest needs to talk to the scenario manager, and the scenario manager then dictates what can and cannot be done. Either just locking buildings at certain times of the day, or adding certain encounters to the random pool in certain places, things like that.


Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

It’s been a happily busy couple weeks. As well as delving into the depths of bureaucracy myself, development is in a good place right now. Crimson’s main job has hit a snag, which does absolutely suck, but the silver lining is that we’ll have her attention on CS for a couple weeks. Additionally, I’ve recruited two very good and very generous friends, capable programmers both, into helping out. One of whom I’ve mentioned before but another, Oriol, has joined the team to do what he can, and has thus far been making steady progress just on his own.

I’ve had to make a private Trello board for us, so that we can each track who’s working on what. Also, I’ve been creating visual code maps to help me memorize and understand Crimson’s code, and steadily I believe I’m starting to grasp the concepts of it, so hopefully I will be able to contribute myself before too long.


November Update

Hey guys,

Hope everyone had a great Halloween. We’ve got a little to cover today, so I’ll get right to it. This might sound at first like more sad news but stick with me (but if you would like the cliffnotes end result, tl;dr at the end).

Firstly, as has been said before, we’re operating as best we can with a lead developer whose time and choice of what to spend it on are both extremely limited. Crimson is and has been only a degree or two from homelessness for a long time. However, the fact that my health situation has gotten as troublesome as it has might have a silver lining.

One department of the government already considers me disabled due to my chronic pain. Recently I have begun the process of seeking Universal Credit, what used to be called Disability Allowance, in order to keep my head above water since I can by no means work as much as I used to. My doctor’s more than confident I qualify for it. Now, once that happens, I’ll no longer be reliant on your support through Patreon to keep the lights on, so my plan is to begin handing that over each month to Crimson instead.


Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

Apologies for missing the last one. I consider this one a missed one too, but I don’t want to worry anyone by not posting two in a row.

Crimson made a lot of progress with their new tools in the updates not long ago, but since then has rather been buried with their day job. I have both Goldie and the previously-mentioned newcomer who are working to learn and do what they can, but it should be mentioned that the newcomer is a close friend of mine who has Crohn’s, so please be understanding there.

I’m currently in the middle of a flu and undergoing a change in meds again, so sadly don’t have any new art to show you guys. I do want to extend my endless gratitude to all of you though for your continued support and well-wishes. We’ll get there even if its simply by virtue of sheer dogged stubbornness, but it would be so much harder without you all.

I realise that the CS team is rather a mash of physical and mental ailments and how exhausting it is to keep hearing about it, but the great majority of you are extremely forgiving and supportive. All of us appreciate it.

Until next time!

Mid-September Update

Hey folks,

Apologies that it’s another quiet week. Crimson’s been difficult to get hold of, which can only mean that their actually paying job is demanding all their time. For myself, I’ve had a rather large adjustment to my pain medication which, finally, actually seems to be making a difference. Until I adjust it leaves me permanently dozy and fatigued, however, once that passes I plan to use the new focus it allows me to try and relearn some programming. That way, maybe, even in slow times I can also help push things forward.

That aside, it’s given me the ability to do some drawing again:


September Update

Hey guys,

Sadly not a lot I can bring to you this week. Most of our improvements since last time aren’t things that can be shown with screenshots, and Crimson has had to focus on work a little more recently following their period of sickness in order to play catch-up. For myself I’ll be needing to make more appointments as the new drug I was trialing has offered no improvements at all, only a lot of wooziness and fatigue.

So, instead, I’ll talk a bit about what our next objectives are. After a battery of design refinements to the map view to make it more usable and intuitive, the next goal is to make it possible to visit interiors for locations. This’ll mean being able to visit shops, NPC’s homes, temples, guildhouses, brothels, etc.

As I think I mentioned before, I want to make it possible to be at a location as well as in a location. By that I mean standing on the doorstep to a locked building, perhaps to wait until it opens or in order to break in, or perform some action outside. This isn’t difficult to do at all, Crimson just needs to focus on work for the time being, but hopefully we can get you guys some more juicy updates for the next one.

If you guys have ideas for locations in Sunrest City like shops or establishments, I’d love to hear about them here.

Mid-August Update

Hey guys,

Crimson got pretty sick recently which hampered their recent progress somewhat. I could wait a couple days and have more to show you then, but I dislike having late updates. Now that the weaver of black magic code is feeling better we should have more to show you in the next one, but for now, enjoy these screenshots of the progress since last time:


We’ve tightened up the GUI here a little bit since last time. Better colours and labels which remain clear however far/close you zoom in, and the districts remaining visible whether you mouse over them or not. The POI and district view has also been improved considerably, pictured below, including a marker to denote the player’s current location.


August Update

Hey guys,

Firstly, apologies for missing the last update. I’ve been put on some new drugs that rather knocked me for a loop. Gradually growing used to them, but still waiting for them to do any good.

But, in a surprise turn of events, progress has happened. Crimson had some ideas about how to get things moving. It’s experimental, for now, but thus far seems to be working well for us. In a short time Crimson and I have put together a very rough but functional map for navigating Sunrest City, which is where the prologue of the game will take place.

Here are some screenshots of a few of Sunrest City’s 24 districts:


July Update

Hey guys,

Our dev-in-training’s education is coming along nicely. Thus far he’s doing great, has bought books to study and is giving himself a firm grasp of the fundamentals. He’s a trained and qualified lawyer for his day-job, and tends towards hard study and book-learning to get results – I would assume passing the Bar Exam does not come without a good study practice. Soon we think he’ll be ready to take on more specialised tutelage. I’ve a great deal of respect and gratitude since he’s doing this mainly to help us, so I hope you’ll understand it’s not a quick process. Finding a trustworthy and diligent person willing to work on our game for nothing in return is quite the miracle, even if it takes some time.

For myself, it’s been a tough couple weeks. The heat brings humidity and humidity tends to bring more pain than usual; I’ve not been able to stand for longer than a few minutes. I have an appointment on the 8th to figure out possible better solutions for pain relief, so we’ll see what the brings. So, my apologies that there’s no new art to show this week. Also to our Lord Inquisitor, as I’ve left his recent lovely Random Question Threads unanswered.

As always, we’re in it for the long haul. It’s not a quick fix, but I’m hoping a long-term benefit for us.

Until next time!