October Update

Hey guys,

Sorry for the slight delay, just some life stuff keeping me away. I also apologise for forgetting to post these on the blog, that was just me being forgetful.

Player 2 joins the game

The most important thing at the moment is keeping development moving. Crimson’s not in a great place so, understandably, can’t work as much. As I mentioned back in the post-Brexit July Update, it’s likely he’ll have to find a full-time job soon in order to keep paying the bills, which leaves very little, if any, time for Carnal Souls.

However, there is some good news. Recently, on the Patreon, I introduced Vahn. He’s a professional game developer with experience in triple-A titles, and was actually the person who introduced me to Crimson to begin with. Well, now that he has a little more free time, he’s offered to work on Carnal Souls in what time he can spare. So, even in the worst case scenario we can still keep development moving forward.

Here’s Vahn’s own introduction, pasted from a recent Patreon update:

Hey there, everyone! Vahn here.
So, wheeeeere to begin? I’ve been asked to say a little about myself, so I’ll be brief: I’m a professional game developer, I’ve been making games since I was 13, and I’ve been working as a programmer in the AAA games industry for over two years now. I love seeing what cool and different ideas underground gamedev scenes come up with, so I’ve been following the development of Carnal Souls from the beginning.
Now that that’s out of the way, the state of the project:
I’ve had a look at what’s already been created for Carnal Souls and it’s a pretty solid architecture I’m confident I can build on. I’m still in the process of getting a sense for what’s still missing, but so far I’m getting the sense that it’s not a huge amount, and it’s just a matter of working smart. I can only work on the project in my spare time outside of work, and Benji and I agree that the ideal would be to have a full time developer working on the project; however, in the interim, I’m keeping things moving. My experience is with working directly with game designers and setting up tools to make it as easy for them to create content requiring as little programming support as possible, so I’ll be bringing that to the table. That’s where the working smart comes in: the more I can allow designers to do in parallel to programming, the faster tasks can get done!
I tend to be a bit quiet, but you should spot me on the forums now and then, keeping an ear out for interesting ideas that might affect how we set up our features for further expansion into the future, maybe asking questions about those ideas. I’ll be happy to answer any questions or concerns you might have; just start a Conversation with me on the forums and I’ll respond as promptly as I’m able. Just remember not to get too long-winded; answering your messages cuts into dev time 😉 You don’t want that!

Looking forward to programming some games!

Since that was posted, Crimson and I have been getting Vahn acquainted with the code in more detail so that, once his new computer’s all ready to go, he’ll be in a position to begin work. If you have any questions for him or would like to just say hello, feel free to do so.

Faster, smaller, better

Crimson has been working as much as he can on optimising a lot of our current code, chiefly to make things easier for a second developer to work on it in tandem. Not only that, but it has cut a pretty huge chunk of code out, as well as making the game run much more smoothly. The new framework is now in place and working very nicely, and will make it much easier for Vahn to build on, as it makes the process of creating new GUI elements and other things relatively simple to plug into the code.

Furthermore, I’ve been going back to take another look at our user interface. Having now learned a lot about how Unity’s GUI system works, it’s become clear that the current designs aren’t really working to its strengths. Not only that, but the design itself could be better. Here’s the mockup for the new battle design:


Instead of using central elements that need to change position (such as the pop-ups, something which Unity doesn’t like doing, especially when resolutions change), this is based on employing simpler Vertical Layout Groups in locked positions. Not only that, but it leaves a lot more room to get an eyeful of the character art (in this case provided by the masterful Booster).

Being just the battle view, the main text box is more of a battle log than a readout of events. In the scene view (used for sex scenes, post-battle sex scenes, other scenes), I have something like this in mind:


We think it’s a much stronger design overall for scenes, and doesn’t require anything other than the basic tools provided by Unity to make it work. The final design may be slightly different, but we’re happy to aim for this.

For the sake of not making this too much of a wall, here are further mockups I’ve been working on if you’d like to take a look:
Timed Continue Button (planned to have its timer adjustable to taste)
Collapsed Fight Submenu, Status Effects Tray
Contextual Options, a planned feature for boss battles and other unique fights.
Inventory Screen (consumables, potion image taken from Everquest Next and used only as demonstration)
Inventory Screen (weapons, player attributes tab open and move previews)

So far we’re confident the new designs will be a lot easier to produce and maintain than the current ones. As always, your thoughts and feedback are welcome. Try not to pay too much attention to figures as a lot of them are just random examples.

Maria Cauter

Lastly, I drew up a quick concept for Maria Cauter – Detective Sergeant Ford’s right hand mare. You can read about her in the Codex, but to summarise, she’s a grouchy badass with a big sword and high standards.


I fully intend her to be sexable in-game, perhaps fully romance-able later on. She’s hard to impress and respects actions over words, and remains a loyal ally to Ford. I have ideas for a series of quests in which the player can join the Watch and assist Ford and his team in a number of important investigations, after which Maria may decide to leave the Watch in order to be with the player, depending on their actions.

That about wraps it up for now. As always, thank you so much to those supporting us on Patreon. Things are tough right now but they’d be a lot tougher without that support.

Until next time!

7 Responses to “October Update”

  1. anonfrombeyond says:

    i say will this work on chrome cause i had problems running the demo and alpha and i had enable java

    • Shadoweir says:

      It uses the unity plugin if I remember rightly. Look up the unity web player and install that. Pretty sure you don’t need Java for it but I could be wrong.

  2. pgrillo says:

    the interface looks awesome indeed, i just wonder if the picture of the enemy will change during combat to reflect it’s status (wounded, horny…)


    • HopingJ says:

      It would be interesting to see that set up, but it would probably not be something quickly done, if they try to set up examples for each enemy wounded with each different damage type. Over time though I could see them doing something like this. Regardless of if it goes in though, I’m looking forward to this game.

    • Ritzy says:

      Yeah it be cool to see normal and horny

  3. acanthan says:

    I mean this in the nicest possible way. (usually said before something kinda mean lol)
    is it really necessary to lock dev dairy posts behind a patreon only paywall i would love to donate. but without being able to read the more frequent development posts i just dont know if its gonna be worth it. i cant be the only one with this standpoint. im not saying you should release concept art or even story tidbits for free, but i dont see the reason for keeping progress tidbits from the general populace.

    oh and as for the too lazy to post here often part i totally understand that im the same damn way youve already updated one area the other just seems like a chore even copy paste can some how seem like more work than it is.

    HOWEVER when you google carnal souls the first link is to this website and if potential donators come here and see that updates are weeks or even months apart many will see that project as not worth pursuing further

    i would suggest posting all dev diary notes here and all alpha or beta builds on patreon so that random passerby see a project that is alive and still active not a project that at face value (website front page) seems to stand still for months at a time.

    first impressions are everything!

    just advice from one businessman to another Cheers!

    • DMC 4EVER UCCI says:

      Tbh, I 100% agree with this. More frequent public updates are kinda needed if you want people to notice you. You can keep most of the alpha/betas for patreons only, but updates on game progress are the thing that makes your game interesting for outsiders.

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