October Update

Hey guys,

It took a few weeks altogether but I think I’m happy in calling the world map finished for now. It will no doubt undergo changes and additions in the future but for now I consider it finished.


I’m certain the geography isn’t entirely accurate, but I’ve tried to focus on more sociopolitical positioning, trade routes, things like that. Temple ruins, caves, bandit camps and the like aren’t marked and will need to be found.

My focus lore-wise lately has been Pyrexia, the Vulpen capital. 6 years ago, the Write Brothers invented the printing press there. Before that though, only rich nobles, officials, and politicians could afford information.

It was hard-fought between the Avien and Vulpen. The Vulpen had a secret agency of spies and investigators known as the Shadowsocks. The Avien, given their ability to fly, made them much better at retrieving and delivering information, and the Shadowsocks had to work much harder to keep up. Information on political ploys, intrigue, corporate espionage.

However, once the printing press was invented, information became much cheaper and easier to distribute, not to mention more lucrative in mass production. So, many of the Shadowsocks chose to become reporters on the right side of the law. Some disappeared, and a few became private investigators.

Pyrexia acts as a southern hub, transporting a lot of goods north to Sunrest via steam barges, including newspapers. The Avien also had to adjust for the collapse of their market, and now act as bankers and investors, most notably being the Nest Egg Bank.

Feel free to ask any questions. This was a bit of a monster to work on so I’m glad it’s done.

Until next time!

5 Responses to “October Update”

  1. Atryx10 says:

    A good way to get better geographically accurate landscapes is to imagine how the planet is spinning and how that spinning makes certain areas get more light than others and as such, become warmer – possibly even to the point of warm deserts.

  2. Iskirka says:

    You repeted “The Avien also had to adjust for the collapse of their market, and now act as bankers and investors, most notably being the Nest Egg Bank.”

  3. Statesss says:

    I was wondering what tipe of tf are there going to be 0..o dragon with only legs no hands can that happen to your person (i hope so see him struggle to re-leave himself XD or herself XD)

  4. Ieonis says:

    It looks kinda square-ish doesn’t it?

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