October Update

Hey guys,

Can’t really thank you all enough for the support and kind words last update. It made a difference, and there were a lot of good thoughts I’ve been trying to keep in mind. I still have an intense dislike for dry updates like this, but I don’t feel like I have to run to the bathroom every ten minutes while writing it. So that’s an improvement! So, yeah. Thank you all. <3

With a better mental state in mind, I’ve been doing a lot of practicing. I’ve set up study rotas with a friend so we can do regular art studies and exercises. Here’s yesterday’s study. The rather chronic hip pain I have is something I have to actually learn to work with; there’s still a lot of art Carnal Souls will need in the future and I want to make sure I’m giving it the best I can make. There’s also, as previously mentioned, the goal of using art to help Crimson out, so keeping myself sharp is important for that.

Similarly I’ve been writing a lot, too. Discovering handwriting apps like Onenote has been pretty productive, and I’ve written a lot in the past few weeks toward a kind of novella I want to write that takes place before the game does. It’s led already to a couple of quest ideas and spinoffs we can do in the game. I figure it’s a good way to develop the world, build lore and my own understanding of the world, and if it turns out well perhaps it’s something I can sell to inject some more funds into the project. If I can accomplish that, naturally it’ll be free to most of the Indiegogo backers and certain patrons if I can work that out.

Also, for those keeping track, I have the consultation for my MRI results this Wednesday. Doing my best not to think about it too much, but I’ll update here to let you know what’s up afterwards.

So, in short, a lot of what I’ve taken away is that firstly, you are an amazing community. Secondly, I have a responsibility to keep myself as mentally healthy as possible; if not for myself, then for this project. Gotta make sure it’s worth the wait, right?

Love you all.
Until next time!

12 Responses to “October Update”

  1. Red says:

    Good luck on the MRI. hope things go well.

  2. Anon says:

    Good luck on the MRI, I really hope you’ll be feeling better soon!

    Btw Your study looks absolutely AMAZING and can’t wait to eventually see your beautiful art in the game!

  3. zul says:

    If every update of yours come with a piece of your art, even if not related to the game, I would still come here every so often only to see that.

  4. Colourless says:

    those hands look more realistic than my actual hands.

  5. ISeeThingsInGrey says:

    Wow 😮 nice work Benji. Also I’m glad you’re getting better I hope this whole ordeal passes you by. And much love to crimson for sticking everything out with all that was going on. You both are cool 😎 and thank you for your hard work

  6. TheLittlestElf says:

    So, good luck with all the health stuff. Best wishes and all that…but be honest and blunt. How/why has Corruption of champions been able to start and put out a demo for Corruption II…when this was inspired by Corruption 1 years ago. This game has been in development for a very long time now…I know because I really want to financially support it way back when. But my suspiciouns got reconfirmed every year since then. I dont want to be mean, but this has been an excruciatingly long wait.

    • Benji says:

      I have been honest in each update. If you would like a short answer, The CoC/TiTS team make every month from their Patreon almost what we made in our initial kickstarter. If you want a simple answer, that would be why they’re much more able to make progress; they can employ people.

      Or initial budget from Indiegogo, aside from the fact we didn’t actually reach the full goal, was gutted in the beginning when the pound crashed against the dollar. We effectively lost thousands overnight. This made paying Crimson more and more expensive and the already small budget didn’t go far enough, since I had no way of keeping that amount of money to hand in USD. Today, we are supported by extremely generous patrons, but it’s not enough to keep all of us afloat. The developers have jobs, pretty stressful ones; Carnal Souls is made in what free time we have. As I’ve mentioned in the last couple updates, we’ve come a very long way with what we have, and we will continue to do so. It just means taking longer.

      If you or anyone else do not want to support us, I completely understand. You’re under no obligation to. But the team and I are going to continue doing what we can regardless and make it happen.

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