November Update

Hey guys,

First off, we hope everyone had a great Halloween. I spent the majority of mine writing something filthy and slightly Halloween-inspired, more about that further down.


The new GUI is coming along and looking good, already closely resembling the new mockups. The next step will be to focus on the back end in order to have the new pretty buttons perform the new moves, and have the battle change state correctly depending on if it’s waiting for input or ‘playing’ the enemy’s turn, displaying the new continue button respectively. It serves as kind of a stand in for animations, and the new position and automatic timer should be a big improvement over the current design.

Stamina Design

In Dev Diary #16 I talked about my ideas for the stamina system and specifically what should happen when the player runs out. My current mindset is to have it behave like a daily pool of energy for performing everything like travelling, fighting, sexing, and so on. Battle moves have a stamina cost, and it’s likely we’ll have potions, spells, and food types that’ll recover a portion of stamina quickly. However, I’d like to engineer it so that going without sleep for too long will impose a penalty, causing stamina to deplete faster.

When your stamina is all gone, my current idea is to have an ‘exhaustion’ type of debuff, which reduces your battle effectiveness proportional to the amount of stamina you don’t have. So, small, basic moves like a slash or basic flirt would be affected less than attempting a whirlwind attack with a giant axe, as the latter costs much more stamina to perform. That way the player won’t be completely helpless without stamina remaining, but it is highly advisable to rest up and be ready for those bigger, challenging fights. As you level up you’ll gain a greater pool of stamina, being able to do much more on a day’s worth, but you may also be presented with moves and activities which also require deeper reserves of energy.

I’d like to have it behave as a degree of realism, requiring the player to rest at places like taverns, camping in the wild, sleeping at home, or spending the night with NPC’s, but not going so far as to be another survival game type of ‘need’ that requires a lot of babysitting. I think the right balance will come from tweaking numbers like how much time passes as you travel, how much stamina it costs for movement or the average battle, things like that. Your thoughts on this are always welcome.

Concepts, Lore, and Dirty Stories


I put together some very rough concepts for leather and adventurer armour. It’s pretty terrible as, with the cold setting in, my hip’s been giving me trouble, but I think they get the idea across. The two on the left resemble soldier armour to me, and the third I drew as some of you were talking about adventurer armour here on the forums (I forget who, sorry!). It reminds me of armour from The Witcher 2 slightly, especially with the stripy pantaloons, but still needs some work to make it a bit more modifiable I think. It should be a very custom-made looking bit of gear, so adaptability is key.

I also got to thinking about half-breeds and more world-building stuff, and had the idea that I could write short-stories. This would be a lot easier for me since adding to the codex alone feels a lot like writing a wikipedia article, and possibly more entertaining for you guys to read and also learn about the world. After which I could then take notes and add anything new to the Codex. The response on Patreon was pretty positive, so I gave it a go.

Over the weekend I wrote about 10k words on two stories. The first, shorter one is a little background on Marley (image here) during her childhood living in the Skywarren and then later once she’s grown up. It’s NSFW, and ends with her having some naughty alone time in the open. You can read that one here: Luck of The Draw.

The second is three chapters, and introduces a new character, a hot cougar (as in middle-aged, not the cat) witch lady, who I’ll more than likely be drawing soon, as well as following Griggle (image here). I think there’s a lot of new lore stuff in here, especially regarding the curse which affects the player. The ending is extremely NSFW, involving hyper male on female, ridiculous insertions, and heavy cum inflation. Everything up to when that begins is tame enough I think, and that’s where all the lore stuff is, so if you’re not into those things you should still be able to enjoy the bits up to that point (I hope). You can read it here: Witch-Slayer.

I’ll work on updating the Codex soon with the new stuff. I hope you guys enjoy reading these as they’re a lot of fun to write, and good practice for me too. They’re more than likely very rough, but they’re not meant to be polished, really. I have some ideas about who to write about next, but if there are any requests feel free to make them!

Planned Outage

Finally on a less positive note, vNucleus is shutting down at the end of November. This will mean sometime during this month our site will be out of action while we migrate everything to a new server. I’ll post updates here or on the @CarnalSouls twitter once that’s underway.

Until next time!

6 Responses to “November Update”

  1. James says:

    will there be ways to increase sizes of your body parts and production aswell as vertility and fertily?

    hopfully a dragon tf also lol

  2. Zulcoringa says:

    Can’t wait to take marley virginity.

    Really good work so far, keep it up… game is looking good, try to keep it as simple as possible, with such a small team we don’t want a NMS situation 😛

    I missed crimson report, are you working alone? such talent much wow, you’re a monster benji, you can write, draw and code, all of that with hip pain! Hope I can stabilize things, so I can throw some spare money at you!

  3. AWhiteGuy says:

    I would suggest with the armors that it has more armor on the three following areas as they are historically the most popular body parts for armor- Head, Chest, and Legs (specifically the lower legs/shin area)
    Chest for obvious reasons, head and legs because these are the most available to strike at when your opponent is wielding a shield properly. Hands and upper arms are easy enough to move out of the way, but IF you are going for a more armored look, traditionally the striking hand (As in- the one not holding a shield) would be armored first.

    While shoulder pads look really, REALLY cool, they aren’t very effective because they don’t protect a place that is often targeted and really just inhibit movement.

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