November Update

Hey guys,

Recently Goldie and I have been focusing on the Director and hooking up its words and symbols to the now functioning body system. Notably we now have tables of nouns that vary based on size, just as adjectives do. ‘Prick’ and ‘Dong’ for instance carry different weight, so to speak. The only trouble is pluralisation; for now all follow the same system: if the keyword is plural, the returned word will be. So ‘BreastsNoun’ will return ‘boobs’ or ‘tits’, but it won’t return something like ‘rack’. This is so prose written around those tags is easier to fit and parse by the writer and anyone reading it. Nouns are all done for now.

My next task is fleshing out the resolver – kind of a bridge between the Body and Director that Goldie’s been working hard on since she got home, and that I’m filling up with more and more keywords based on the test material I’ve written. This is what the Director will use to link keywords like ‘TesticlesCount’ and ‘BreastsSize’ to existing game data, and turn it into nice prose for the player. I already have lots of keywords and documentation written up to work from, so it should hopefully just be boring data-entry legwork in plugging them all in.

Further, Goldie got a cool feature working. Part of my original design document for the Producer (the simpler parser tag system) specified Description type tags. These would be shorthand for three or so tags strung together in one – a nice quality-of-life feature for writers. So, [PC BreastsDescription] would actually represent ‘[PC BreastsSizeAdjective], [PC BreastsSpecies] [PC BreastsNoun]’. You can still use those three tags however you like, but Description tags will return always something to the tune of ‘big, vulpen tits’. As you can see, Goldie got this working:


Capitalisation needs addressing but the format and framework is now functional. As with all tags it’ll need sparing use not to become repetitive (although it will choose from pools of words each time you use it), but I think it’s feature that’ll make writing easier.

Lastly, just as reassurance that we are indeed still working on things, the image below is a screenshot of the commits since August, with the most recent at the top (actually a bit outdated now, more’s been added in the last week). These represent saved additions or changes to the code of the game. Some are small and some large, but I thought you guys might appreciate seeing something more evident that we’re still at work.

Until next time!


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