Mid-September Update

Hey guys,

Apologies this one’s a couple days late, been having internet issues on top of everything else. The team’s situations haven’t changed much. Much of my thoughts have been directed towards finding ways to help Crimson, in a kind of ‘save the cheerleader, save the world’ sort of way. With the help of some very generous friends, I’ve been able to collaborate on art projects and secure some new equipment to help me draw more in spite of my chronic pain – the goal being to help Crimson secure a better living standard. Crimson means a lot to me, but helping them comes with the added benefit of securing more time for Carnal Souls.

I loathe to write updates with so little progress in them. Writing updates like these feels like standing up in front of a firing squad sometimes; I feel no less obligated to deliver than I did after the Indiegogo. But, as someone here on the forums reminded me, you guys are here because you care about the project, maybe as much as I do; that’s why we’re all still here.

As a general status update, as mentioned in another thread, we’re actually very close to that playable client update. In terms of start to finish, we’re about 90% there. Producer/Director systems are up and running, we have a working overworld map, battles are functional but unfinished, inventory too, the huge Body system designed by Goldie is implemented, physical generation of NPC’s also, and tests so far show these all working correctly together. We only have a few more modules to implement to make things playable and expandable.

This year’s been truly one of the worst in my life, but we’re not giving up. Within the coming weeks I plan to do some auctions or other art projects to raise money for Crimson, and have got some art friends willing to help too. So, in short, we face problems, but as ever we’re working on solutions. Thanks all for continuing to be a wonderful community. <3 you all.

Until next time!

4 Responses to “Mid-September Update”

  1. Dragon says:

    Don’t beat yourself up so much, Benji~! No post is worth so little in our eyes, because you are right: we’re here because we care about the project. And we care about you guys too.

    Every little bit counts, it’s true. But what matters is that you guys are okay. Or… getting there, rather.

    But I’ll let you in on a little secret. These ‘so little progress’ updates? They’re worth it for one reason and one reason only: it lets all of us know the project is still being worked on. That despite all odds and problems, you guys haven’t abandoned the project, or us.

    So thank you Benji, for letting us know what’s going on so far, and we hope for the best for you all.

    Especially you and Crimson!

    P.S. I, myself, am certainly looking forward to some more art. Your art is so gorgeous, and very well done, I love it~

  2. Red says:

    The amount of drama you guys have had this year is worthy of a soap opera. The fact you’ve managed to push through and continue work on CS is impressive in it’s own right, and you all should be congratulated for making it s far as you have.

    Good luck with future progress, and I hope things get better from here.

  3. ISeeThingsInGrey says:

    Wow you’ve been working hard Benji! You may think it’s not a lot but I think that the evidence of your hard work is in how far you have come with this project.

    Thank you for caring so much about us and best wishes to you and Crimson.
    Oh and one more thing, DON’T FORGET TO HAVE SOME FUN every once in a while.

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