Mid-September Update

Hey folks,

Apologies that it’s another quiet week. Crimson’s been difficult to get hold of, which can only mean that their actually paying job is demanding all their time. For myself, I’ve had a rather large adjustment to my pain medication which, finally, actually seems to be making a difference. Until I adjust it leaves me permanently dozy and fatigued, however, once that passes I plan to use the new focus it allows me to try and relearn some programming. That way, maybe, even in slow times I can also help push things forward.

That aside, it’s given me the ability to do some drawing again:

NSFW Dommy bedicked angel nun:

NSFW big horny hellhound guy for a friend:

NSFW extreme tits shortstack:

NSFW doodle for fun with M6’s trashy ganglord Blair:

SFW(!) quick commission for a fantasy WW2 nurse:

Also some other actual work things I can’t show yet to help keep the lights on.

We also had some really cool ideas last time on the forums and blog both for places in Sunrest, thanks everyone for those. There’s a few I really like, and a few I’d planned on already. Once Crimson gets some time again we’ll be able to resume progress again. Since we all work on this game in our free time we have to be patient, but we’re in a good position right now to keep it moving.

Until next time!

2 Responses to “Mid-September Update”

  1. Statesss says:

    I really hope you can become a taur in the game as well as a feral body (no hands just legs) With all races 🙂
    Also I hope your dizziness goes away soon <3
    fell beter

  2. Remedy says:

    Will be perfect if we can dress up like bandits and they will think that we ally. (bandits of course)

    Or if we have quest in the castle, we can dress like butler or maiden and freely explore locations. or get into an event where we can be asked (or forced) to do some work. Or they ask, “Oh, so you’re new here, I haven’t seen you before here.” That would be funny.

    Or change yourself externally and meet with npc’s who, for example, were deceived, or we just have a bad relationship with them. And their reaction will be completely different to us.

    So many possibilities. I don’t think that this will be realized.

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