Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

Bit of a shorter one today, but as you’ve all told me before, better a short update than no update.

Things have been slow as they’ve required getting all three of us online and available at the same time. This is so we can get everyone up to speed, properly set up in the git repository, making sure everyone is set up and working so that Vahn and Crimson can work as much as possible without needing the other around. Thankfully I believe we’re now pretty much at that stage.

To paraphrase the last Patreon Dev Diary, Crimson’s currently tasked with continuing his work on the battle system. We’re quite close to having another .CSV importer for the move list, which should result in in-game weapons and armour having their unique moves attached. After that it’s a case of letting the game know what the moves themselves do (if it’s more than a basic attack and has, for instance, a chance to stun or other effects), and replacing the temporary parts of the battle system’s math with actual numbers from gear.

Vahn is currently working in what time he can spare on building the new GUI. He’s informed me that it’s all fitting nicely, he just needs to hook up the parts he’s made to the back end of the game to get it displaying correct information. Vahn has considerable experience with UI design and implementation, both inside and outside of Unity, so he’s very suited to the task. I think I can speak for everyone when I express our gratitude as a whole that he’s working on Carnal Souls for free in his spare time. So for that reason, I will appreciate everyone’s patience as we work towards the next client update.

For myself, I forget if I mentioned previously, but I’ve come up with a solution for the armour mod problem, which was how to link mods together. The solution being: don’t. Instead, we can have an upperbody mod, a chest mod, and a waist mod. An upperbody mod would preclude having the two others and be for things like shirts, blouses, tops, etc. We can do the same for the lower half with lowerbody, crotch, and rear. In most cases your lower garments cover both, but this will mean we can have less common things like assless/crotchless chaps, or fantasy-era jockstraps which cover your junk but don’t actually cover your rear (God bless whoever invented jockstraps and actually got away with it).

I plan to do some more concepts for armour soon now that we have a more finalised system in mind. Been a little difficult to focus on anything recently as I have a chronic hip pain problem which tends to get worse in the cold. That being said, if anyone has any ideas for armour or clothing, feel free to make suggestions. Bonus points if it has something to do with the current lore.

Again, sorry it’s not a huge update. I want to be able to shower you guys in new stuff and cool things to play with, but for now I’m happy thatwe’re still moving forward. Thank you everyone for the continued support and making this little forum a really positive place; it really helps.

Until next time!

6 Responses to “Mid-October Update”

  1. acanthan says:

    Short update my ass! this is great! updates dont need to contain art or even specifics just a “hey not much new to report fighting with coding armor sets” is plenty just seeing that you are working on somthing is huge. thanks a bunch for the check in and the info. keep it up! sounds like you have a solid plan and i like the direction your going. 😀

  2. Derpy says:

    Hey there 🙂 It’s been a while since I last checked on your project – but it sounds really great and I’m glad you’re making progress 🙂

    I’m really super excited to see what you are coming up with and I’m already looking forward to catching up with the updates. Nothing better to get hyped for something than getting tidbits of information here and there 🙂

    Also really happy to hear the community is doing well! Video games are a great joy and creative accomplishment – and it’s great when people with a positive attitude find a common place when usually in the internet you tend to see the ever-unsatisfied folks etc…

    Have a nice weekend y’all!

    Also crossing fingers for a mild winter so you won’t have to suffer too much from your hip pain!

    • Benji says:

      Thanks very much! :3

    • Zanzuki93 says:

      i am pretty much in the same boat had not checked on the project however i received the email about it just hadn’t gotten around to checking in. 🙂

  3. Matt A says:

    Hey man! I just found out about this and when i heard that it was inspired off of TiTS, i knew this was gonna be golden! When do you think is an estimated time of release for a full-blown game and, on the side, a mobile version? No pressure since i just started following your development from Fenoxo, but just curious…

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