Mid-October Update

Hey guys,

Apologies for missing the last one. I consider this one a missed one too, but I don’t want to worry anyone by not posting two in a row.

Crimson made a lot of progress with their new tools in the updates not long ago, but since then has rather been buried with their day job. I have both Goldie and the previously-mentioned newcomer who are working to learn and do what they can, but it should be mentioned that the newcomer is a close friend of mine who has Crohn’s, so please be understanding there.

I’m currently in the middle of a flu and undergoing a change in meds again, so sadly don’t have any new art to show you guys. I do want to extend my endless gratitude to all of you though for your continued support and well-wishes. We’ll get there even if its simply by virtue of sheer dogged stubbornness, but it would be so much harder without you all.

I realise that the CS team is rather a mash of physical and mental ailments and how exhausting it is to keep hearing about it, but the great majority of you are extremely forgiving and supportive. All of us appreciate it.

Until next time!

7 Responses to “Mid-October Update”

  1. Remedy says:

    The key to your support, do not make huge delays. Write about your status, this is very important.
    Do not promise what you will not do, and do not forget what you promised.

    And most importantly, do not disappear for 2-4 months in a row … And especially do not write a 5-minute post with an apology.

    This is all you need to ensure that your audience is always on your side.

    P.S. Take as much time as you want, the main thing is to fulfill what you promised. And those who fulfill their promise always receive a great reward.

  2. Remedy says:

    I have questions.
    What will happen if we walk on public streets naked. And what happens if we go into some public building?
    If the reaction is different. Or even actions in locations because of this.

    Will there be differences if we will.
    in underwear

    Will there be a difference on what kind of clothes we will be in?

    • Benji says:

      I very much plan for that to be a feature of the game, yeah. NPC’s will, when possible, react to you as logically as they should do depending on what you look like and how you’re dressed (or not dressed).

  3. ham says:

    5/10 updates on the front page start with “Apologies…” and one starts with “Sadly…”

  4. wehushi sushi says:

    hey how do you play the game, do you need to download it? becuase when i tried the alpha mode it worked really badly.

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