Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

Only a short update today, it’s been a difficult month. A friend got covid, my nephew got covid, a pet died, the list goes on. I’ve not been in a great space mentally, though I have at least gotten the majority of work done on that commission I mentioned last time that will be the last on my list.

I am eager to get back to coding again, once I have the capacity for it. I need my entire brain to make any semblance of progress. Turns out programming’s really hard, but I am getting there little by little, and I have friends who are able to help me when I get stuck.

On the plus side, time away has given me fresh eyes on what I’ve been working on for character attributes and stats. I think there’s a good amount of work here still yet to do in order to boil everything down to its most essential parts. I want there to be depth so that players can make their characters how they want, but not so much that it requires looking over screens full of numbers all the time. If anyone has some recommendations on simple but effective RPG systems, tabletop or videogames, feel free to post them; I can always do with more material to look at.

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  1. Anon says:

    DnD 5e and other versions of it are decent ideas if you want to play around with stats more (works really well if you want to do D20 type rolls in situations). But you could always do something similar to Terraria where you have base stats, while armor and accessories change that (maybe potions). It allows for more flexibility when it comes to builds as it allows you to swap between say melee and magic on the fly.

    It mostly just matters on how complex you want it though, try to nail that part down before moving on because it could easily result in bigger problems down the line. Personally I believe CoC and other Fenoxo games strike a pretty good balance, but that may not be something you’d like.

    • Benji says:

      Thanks for the suggestions! I agree it’s definitely something I want to be confident is a solid design before moving on implimenting it.

  2. SHD says:

    I definitely agree with Anon in that it depends on how complex you want the stat system to be, really.

    TiTs’ system is fairly simple as it has 5 base stats + libido, and these basically influence the likeness or certain scenes happening or they allow you to/prevent you from accessing certain content. What *is* noteworthy about that system however is that it is *not* tied to your physical appearance and that is something that I personally really really appreciate. (ie: You can be very slim/fat and not have a sliver of muscle tissue on your body and still be very *strong*)

    • Glycix says:

      I’m just wondering is there an Android or mobile version yet or is there one and I’m just to stupid

  3. Statesss says:

    i do hope you can became a taur of ANY race, with under boobs and udders filled with the milkiest and your taur belly can be pregnant, some thing with your dick and balls they are at your Hine legs. <3

    I think penalties for having to much milk/ sperm inside your breasts udder or balls should slow you down, the heavier it is the slower and less able to move/agility/doge, it would mostly be a bad thing, but with those large parts you can sell your milk/sperm to make more money, so it is a win win i think.

    Keep it up man I cant wait to see what comes next 😀

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