Mid-November Update

Hey guys,

Been a bit of an obstinate week for myself, as usual I’ll detail it at the bottom since I don’t think people read these to hear about my personal life, but it’s there if anyone’s interested.

My preoccupation aside, Goldie’s been ever-diligent, and we now have functioning arguments. That might sound like we’ve been to couple’s counselling, but actually arguments are an integral part of how tags and labels work. For instance, [PC PenisSizeAdjective] will only ever describe the size of your first penis. In order for it to have further specificity, we need something like [PC PenisSizeAdjective Biggest] or [PC PenisSizeAdjective SmallestSecond]. In each case, it’ll look at the biggest one or the second smallest one respectively.

This involves making the Producer/Director recognise where targets (PC), keywords (PenisSizeAdjective), and arguments (Biggest) begin and end, then getting it to understand what they mean. In this case it means gathering up all the possible matches, sorting them, then finding the correct one before returning it. You’ll be happy to know that Goldie has this all working now.

We did happen upon a quandary at the time: should [PC NipplesSizeAdjective Biggest] look at the biggest nipples, or the pair attached to the biggest breasts? We resolved that it makes more sense to simply return the biggest nipples, and slotted in some new arguments based on Parent. Because nipples are attached to breasts, in programming terms nipples is the child and breasts are the parent. So, if you want to target nipples based on the biggest breasts, or clitoris based on the biggest vagina, etc, you can use the ParentBiggest or ParentSmallest argument, and their variations.

It’s another big step forward for the Producer/Director system, and I’m thrilled to see it in action and working.

Personal stuff:
Spent a few days helping my old mum clean house, since she’s less able to herself now. Earned a minor but painful neck injury for my troubles that kept me bolt upright and mostly immobile for a few days. Then my router died a death, so it took a few days to get a new one. That’s why the update’s a bit late today. Honestly I think I disliked the neck injury less than being without internet for three days.

So yeah, apologies for being a bit late with the update. Until next time!

11 Responses to “Mid-November Update”

  1. Statesss says:

    this is confusing… but i hope there is a wight thing like http://nimin.wikidot.com/udder were if your wight is too much and you are filled with too much milk in your breast and udder or cum in your balls and not strong enough you are stuck and cant move only if you remove the wight by masturbating, that epmties you of cum or milk, same thing with pregnatcys. (i also hope there will be curses where you can be cursed to be preg infently with eggs or babies and the same thing goes for milk production can cum production so if you have a fertal idle you get cursed to produce childen forever until the curse is removed somhow same thing for cum production PLEASE :D)

  2. Nobody says:

    *yawn* tbh im getting tired of waiting, but people have their own lives to deal with so i cant complain waiting for a free game this guy may or may not be working hard on

    • Benji says:

      I can’t begrudge you that sentiment; Remember that I too want this game made. But we’re working with what we have, and will continue to do so until it’s done.

      • SomeRandomGuy says:

        I think what is getting to people is the complete lack of any playables showcasing the core gameplay loop. As it is, updates mostly consists of us hearing about progress without much to see for it. There hasn’t been anything new to play in over a year. It feels like either no progress has been made or that you are afraid of showing us the current state of the game. If it is the later, then even an unfinished build would go a long way into reassuring people that yes, the project is still moving forward.

        Take a look at Innoxia’s patreon and her project Lillith’s Throne. She is currently on a weekly release schedule and making more than twice what you guys are making. Is everything perfect on release? No, things tend to be quite buggy since everything is a work in progress, including the core systems and mechanics of her project. But her supporters are quite forgiving about that since they get to play, help hunt bugs and discuss development with the dev herself.

        • Benji says:

          I understand. I am absolutely on board with providing a playable anything the moment there is one. I feel like it should go without saying that I don’t benefit at all from dragging my feet here, but nor can I force Goldie and Crimson to give up more of their free time than they already do. Getting out a playable demo can only improve support; of this I am painfully aware.

          Some good news, though. At the time of your post I had several windows open building out the keywords for the Producer/Director. (Here’s a current list if you’re curious – commented ones are done, I’m currently adding the code for the others with Goldie. It’s not a complete list of everything it’ll have, but it’s enough to start with). Once these are wired up, we just need to fix a couple bugs in the inventory screen, add in a temporary UI for choosing scene options, and then we can provide some demo scenes for everyone to try with some placeholder transformation items to try the scenes out in different forms. This is what Goldie and I have been working towards recently. It won’t be anything fancy or have complex game mechanics, but as you said, anything at all will go a long way.

          I don’t want to curse myself by saying it’s Soon, but we’re definitely close now that the huge Director, Producer, and Body systems are up and running. As always we’ll keep you all posted in the updates.

          • SomeRandomGuy says:

            It’s good to see that things have been moving in the background. I think that tings like this (That list of keyword, for example) should definitely be posted in the updates as they allow everyone to see what exactly is going in the game and just how much work it represents. If I can recommend one last thing, it’s to make that demo scene something simple that showcases the strength of your systems. Something like using the character creator to make your player and one npc, then begin a scene with the both of them, which I think is pretty much what you’ve said you were working on. It’s the kind of scene that can be easily expanded through both the addition of new character features and new completed keywords, with the added bonus that players will be ble to help test it and discover bugs and edge cases.

          • Benji says:

            Yep, that’s the intention. First stop will be as comprehensive as possible a player description text. The scene I want to write will be the standard prostitution scene, one I plan to re-use often so I want it to eventually have a great deal of versatility. So I feel that’ll be a good starting point to cover all the bases and, as you said, show it off.

            The character creator is so vastly out of date at this stage that in the interest of expediency we’ll probably start the player as human and have a whole bunch of TF items in their inventory.

  3. Glass says:

    Any chance of getting an updated alpha? I’d love to play this, even early stage, because of how cool it looks.

    • Glass says:

      No hard feelings if it’s not possible, or it would be harder for you. I understand you have to focus on making the game first and foremost, and am thankful you’re making this to begin with.

    • butts says:

      Read Benji’s replies to the comment above yours 😉

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