Mid-May Update

Hey guys,

Recently I’ve taken a break from learning programming to focus a little more on writing. Somewhat of a guilty pleasure I rationalise by noting how important it will be for the game, it’ll be a bit of a letdown if the writing’s sub-par. Mostly, however, it’s been for my own good. I doubt I’m alone in that things as they are in the world right now isn’t helping anyone’s mental health, so I’ve been mitigating that as best I can for myself. It’s been about six months since I left the house, admittedly longer than usual for me.

The story I’m writing is a challenging (but very lewd) one involving all of my and my friend Boo’s OC’s. I’ve had a drafted outline of the story for a while, but I’m now finished with chapter 9, and after I finish the tenth I plan to post it on FA, SoFurry, and perhaps other places a chapter at a time and perhaps keep it as an ongoing project. Like with CS, my goal is a story that has good characters and storytelling with smut woven into it. In this case, given our characters, a lot of hyper-sized goings-on, but also some interwoven plots and arcs which has been a new challenge for me.

I’ll be sure to link it in future updates if anyone here’s interested in it. I’d also be interested to know what people think of it. Thank you also for all the reading suggestions last update, I’ve got lots to get through now.

Take care out there!

4 Responses to “Mid-May Update”

  1. Statesss says:

    what is the Furaffinity account 0..o i need to know
    (I’m sorry XD, also it is really hard to program so you should kind of take a break, i really would love to see writing you would do, maybe balls broth with so much sperm production and virility that there cock is ALWAYS leaking pre/cum and it is basically a curse/but beneficial since it heals you very fast if consumed or just makes you 120% (max health, stamina and magic, gives boost in everything, you know what i mean lol, but not to the person with this curse) & (balls are huge too with a huge dick, something that they can almost not hide from view, they also cant hide the leaking stream of cum so you just see puddles of cum/pre as he walks… hard not to find this guy because of it XD)
    I wanna see this story your writing too <3)

  2. Statesss says:

    I feel ignored T..T
    I hope i did nothing wrong…

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