Mid-May Update

Hey guys,

Updated the Codex today. I’ve also been drafting up some quest and narrative ideas centered on the new additions, like the leader of Pyrexia being the mother of the King’s Advisor, and helping a Vulpen engineer working on a prototype bra designed for Apien workers. I’m doing most writing from my bed until I’m able to get my hip X-rayed or at least get a regular prescription for pain relief – just waiting on the appointment, still. If I can get my tablet working with my laptop, I might be able to do my arting there too. I’ve been aiming to address questions and queries you’ve brought up in the Codex thread, thank you for those.

Still providing all the support I can for the rest of the team. We all appreciate the moral support and well-wishes from you all, too. Goldie for her part has limited access to the codebase with the merge in progress, but has been able to tinker and dig around in our dialogue systems. If nothing else, we’re making sure we’re ready to hit the ground running once we’re able. The Developmental Doldrums aren’t uncommon, but I’m proud of my team for not giving up when so many do.

As always, if there’s anything you’d like me to focus on or write about in the Codex, feel free to post your questions and suggestions here or in the Codex thread. It’s already becoming a pretty robust and valuable repository for me when I’m writing. (Kinda wondering about just writing a CS novel on the side, at this stage.)

Also, Conan Exiles makes me want to make barbarians and slavery a thing. Thoughts?

9 Responses to “Mid-May Update”

  1. Nekomundo says:

    I would love the slavery thing, I’m not exactly sure about the barbarians though… Even so if you have barbarians then I guess you could have amazons.

  2. Panre says:

    How about reptile(dragon)(morphs), shark-morphs, monkey\gorilla, goo\slime, imp, plant(???) and many other races ? They don’t give too much love.

    P.s. Sharks can live off the coast of the ocean and be traders / pirates. (islands too)

    (I hope Benji answer … After all, often not :C )

  3. Aphelion says:

    Quick question, do I have to pledge to play the game ?
    Sorry if I’m wasting your time, I’m new here and really want to at least try the game.

  4. Seph says:

    Yes, please with the barbarian slavery!

  5. Sogen says:

    Sounds interesting, might be a good way to introduce some npcs.

  6. Yohan WIlko says:

    Yes. Any and everything that can be included in the game. You could always make some things optional/skippable or maybe even additional content like a DLC. Keep it up!

    • Silver says:

      DLC – a rottent plage that most of games have this days…I know its cash 99% of time, but Benji and his team already show us that it more than about money. People and fans will see this, and they will come back if they do anything new. So stay true and keep on going! Good luck!

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