Mid-June Update

Hey guys,

Lately our primary concern has been to get Goldie’s work on the body system reviewed and merged into the main branch. This requires everyone, usually. The toughest part about everyone working in their free time is trying to schedule time together across three different timezones, so that’s been taking some time.

Goldie and I have had several long conversations about the intricacies of the body system and its behaviour, attempting to find the right balance between level of detail and functionality. With that in mind there have been some changes: The ‘Chest’ minor region has been removed altogether, as it didn’t provide enough to warrant the complexity of building it in. Muscularity and Fatness have both been deferred to the major upperbody and lowerbody regions, meaning you can have a very fat and curvy lower body, or perhaps treetrunk muscle thighs, with a smaller upper body. This is much simpler overall than attempting to track fatness/muscles on a part-by-part basis, which would in itself provide no real benefit for the amount of insanity it would need to function. In fact a lot of information has been offloaded from the minor regions and into major regions. I think this still allows a great deal of customisation, but is much more sane as far as structure goes.

Figuring out how lower bodies work has also needed a lot of thought, considering that the volume calculations for them can vary wildly between bipeds, taurs, nagas, and driders. I don’t know what a fat drider would look like, but you can do that (I guess the difference between a spider and thick tarantula?)

Elasticity has also been a strange one to think about, but I think the best solution is – rather than a scale of 0 to 100 – to consider Elasticity as a percentage bonus. Then all we have to do is establish a more or less reasonable baseline for how stretchy a character is and add the Elasticity bonus on top. If your butt can hold half a liter of fluid in it, having 10% elasticity means you can stretch 10% further.

Here’s the current iteration of the body system map, subject to change as always:

I’ve also been doing spots of lore work here and there, filling in gaps that need filling. There may be a different world map in the next update, when we get to it. I’d like to center it around Sunrest City, then expand the map outward incrementally going forward.

Until next time!

P.s. For those that remember my brother’s dog that ran off and got clipped by a car – he’s doing much better now. Three legs but none the slower for it. Today I finished sorting out all the fundraising for him to cover the surgery expenses, so that’s a load off my mind. Thank you everyone for the well-wishes and support. <3

4 Responses to “Mid-June Update”

  1. bubbaray12345 says:

    when will we have something playable?

  2. Panre says:

    Will it be possible to make piercings in the finished product?

  3. WulfesHeafod says:

    I definitely don’t envy trying to get this altogether working across different timezones. Here’s hoping you keep up the great work!

  4. Atryx10 says:

    Have you considered using “Git” (from Github) to merge the game-parts?

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