Mid-June Update

Hey guys,

Some bigger news this week. In the interest of paddling ourselves out of the recent developmental doldrums, we’ve brought a new developer on board. They come highly recommended, and have previous experience working with Goldie on other things. They’re still in the process of getting acclimitised to the project, but they specialise in back-end workings, so I’m confident they’ll be of help. I hope you all appreciate as much as I do someone who’s willing to put in this kind of work in their free time, as the rest of the team do.

Crimson has been able to fix a number of map issues and a majority of the GUI issues. There’s still a few things that need fixing, but with these big fixes complete, and our new pair of hands, we can redouble our efforts on working toward the next update. We can’t expect an immediate boost from a new member, as there’s lots for them to learn and familiarise themselves with before they can contribute, but if all goes well it should help us out in the long term.

Apologies for the lack of Codex updates – I have at least finally been able to get that x-ray. I’ll know more about what they can do for my pain problem next week.

Until next time!

13 Responses to “Mid-June Update”

  1. Statesss says:

    good luck with you pain man 🙂

    (i hope there is a hyper system that makes you immobile and a sitting target for attacks if your breasts and or balls get to full of cum(cum production and milk production) and breast milk that you could be stuck almost forever like a bad end but not a bad end… it will only be a bad end if you chose to give up… but there will be lots of things happening like people looking at you and raping you and stuff like that (and a person that wants to help is rare just one person will help bring you to a place but if you are too big you might destroy there thing trying to help you so you have to pay him or her back and if no money you will be a cum/milk slave until you can fully pay them back witch might take a while( also this will cause you to grow even more because he need more production(max milk/cum production that is permanent (also virility and fertility 0..0 )

    (i forgot to mention it will be very painful being so full of cum and milk… you need to get it out or it will serverly alter your stats(like 0 to everything and even after milked you will only slowly get it back that is if you are not late on milkings 0..0)

  2. MCallstar1243 says:

    Is there any estimate on when we can see something new from the game, in terms of the next release? It’s been quite a while since the recent release, and I understand that there have been a lot of setbacks, but I really have enjoyed the art style and the concept of the game and would love to see how far it has come.

  3. ISeeThingsInGrey says:

    I hope you feel better soon and I’m looking forward to seeing your completed work. Also house the smoking going? You haven’t been cheating have you ;3 anyway best of luck and update soonish

  4. Panre says:

    Now, I think it’s dead. sad…

  5. Chora says:

    Is this game playable now?

  6. benedict says:

    Yo where’s the update for July

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