Mid-January Update

Hey guys,

Thankfully I’m now back online, new machine is here and working. Understandably with the holiday season and covid it took much longer to get here, but at least it now is and arrived undamaged. Praise be to the postal workforce.

However there’s still some work to do with it, I don’t yet have my email client set up yet for sending out the emails for each update, and there’s a lot of other software that needs downloading and setting up. I should be done with that within a couple days, by which time I can get myself back up to speed and resume programming.

I hope everyone’s keeping safe, wearing masks, and looking out for one another.

4 Responses to “Mid-January Update”

  1. A Concerned Potential Player says:

    Do you have any kind of estimate on when a playable alpha (besides just fighting the same wolf over and over with the empty character) be available? This all seems pretty ambitious and since we’re not actually seeing any updates happening, how do we know progress is being made and our money is not being taken on a monthly basis when an actually playable version with the characters we make won’t come out for 5 or 10 years?

    • Benji says:

      Since you’re talking about fighting wolves I assume you mean Carnal Souls rather than Homestead. CS is ambitious, and with everything that’s happened and changed since we started, that’s why I’ve scaled things down a lot to a smaller project called Homestead that has all the key good parts without the huge scope. When we started we had money, multiple people working on it, and I wasn’t a cripple, but here we are. The short answer is that it’d be recklessly dishonest of me to make any guarantees, so the answer is that you won’t know. Whether people support me or not, I plan to see this through. It’s up to you whether or not all this is worth investing in, but I thank you either way for your interest.

      • A Concerned Potential Player says:

        Oh, okay! Is Homestead available to play? Where can I find Homestead updates? On this site or another site? How much of it is like Carnal Souls? Is it still 18+ or is it a little tamer? Sorry for all the questions, I just really love the idea and the articles I found talking about this were praising it so much, so I thought it was a finished game.

        Also thank you for answering! It’s a very good sign that you respond to comments! I hope things get steadier with the Homestead!

        • Benji says:

          Not yet, though believe me I wish it was. Homestead is still a Carnal Souls game; same setting, world, characters, and with a few of the same systems as well. It’ll still very much be 18+.

          I respond if there’s value in responding but mostly just if I have the mental capacity to do so. I’m glad you’re enthused! I’m going to keep working on it and get it made.

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