Mid-January Update

Hey guys,

Been a busy few weeks, all things kind of orbiting the same purpose of helping out Crimson. Something I’m having to do is look at some government help now, given that my pain problem is almost certainly here to stay. I’ve been talking with advice groups and charities to see what’s available to me, on the phone most days making appointments, requesting records, that sort of thing. Right now, any help or supplement to my income is more room with which to work towards Crimson’s goal.

Some good news is that I begin physiotherapy on the 30th, only six months on the waiting list. Fingers crossed this reaps some benefit.

I also began a commission auction yesterday which is doing well so far; had to work through a lot of pain to get the poster for it done (you can see it here, very NSFW). It’ll run until midnight of the 21st. Any and all help signal boosting and telling your friends, if they’d be interested, would very much help. All proceeds are to help Crimson.

It’s a tough ol’ road we’re on to make CS happen, but as always we’re pressing on. Thanks to all of you for sticking with us. I know these dry updates can’t be easy to read, but these are the problems we have to solve.

Until next time!

4 Responses to “Mid-January Update”

  1. an anon says:

    It really sucks that your pain is most likely to stay, but I hope that your physiotherapy will do at the very least a little good. I’m in a similar boat and all too familiar how much it sucks.

    Also, don’t worry about these dry updates too much. You’ve been doing a stellar job at keeping us updated, so it’s only fair that every now and then you get to commit an update to what’s going on behind the scenes.

    Here’s to 2019! Hopefully it’ll be a good one.

  2. Mustang Flex says:

    Man, I’m just glad you’ve kept us up to date on a regular basis. Even if it takes a while for y’all to get this show on the road. If these updates keep coming like they have I’ll be sure it’s eventually gonna happen.

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