Mid-February Update

Hey guys,

Crimson is out of action for a while with some pretty serious health issues. However one of the newest helpers on the team has managed to get some things accomplished. It’s asking a great deal of him to join an alien project and essentially take the coding reigns while I’m still studying, but he’s doing a great job. I hope you’ll join me in wishing Crimson a quick recovery in the mean time.

I’m making headway, in that I only have a few hours a day that painkillers grant me to focus, but progress is certainly occurring on that front. Currently I’m wrestling with the concept of orders of operation. It’s one thing to say, for instance, that this healthbar should read from this character’s health value, but presents problems when the healthbar exists microseconds before the character does. It’ll throw errors trying to find a character that isn’t there. So, knowing how the heirarchy of elements are generated and in which order is a much larger part of things than I thought, especially when there are dozens of them, but I’m gradually getting the hang of it I think.

Also, I got some mice. Kinda had to give up on the idea of owning a dog of my own, but I love them to bits. Here’s a particularly decent picture I took of the argent, named Gytha.

Until next time!

5 Responses to “Mid-February Update”

  1. Zul says:

    Keep going we’re still here

  2. ISeeThingsInGrey says:

    Oioi I hope Crimson will be okay. Also that is the cutest mouse I have ever seen! Looking forward to seeing what becomes of your hard work Benji! Much love and support. Sending good vibes your way.

  3. Nixilis says:

    Hope Crimson didn’t get Coronavirus 👀

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