Mid-February Update

Hey guys,

Apologies again for the delay, it’s been a heavy week, best on this occasion not to go into details. Goldie and Crimson have been busting their asses on figuring out, adapting, and fixing things to get us all updated, and Goldie has also been digging into our GUI and dialogue systems.

It’s no small task adapting a team of three that all use windows, mac, and linux machines. After successfully getting the codebase to update to the 2017.3 release of Unity, Goldie found it impossible to actually do any development work on this branch as Unity no longer shipped Monodevelop in a workable state for Linux. Firstly she gave a shot at using VSCode with Unity support, but couldn’t get it to work as a decent C# IDE at all. Then she tried compiling with both these debuggers, but they had the problem of being superficially working, but not able to actually debug anything. So, she recompiled every scrap of code she could find to try and support this version multiple times, including compiling every Monodevelop version in the 5.9 and 6.1 minor versions to try and find one that would successfully work with the published code available from Unity on their github page. So, in the end, she found a solution in reverting to the 5.5.0 branch and then re-updating it to the 2017.2 version of Unity, which is shipped with a working MonoDevelop, which works great. Then, because she’s great, she did a huge code-clean on all the work so far.

Meanwhile, Crimson, as well as doing more merging work, has had some time to work on the Views system, which controls what state the GUI is in. For instance, switching to battle mode, scene mode, and the map mode. This we need to support scenes and suchlike, and gets us closer to presenting them in the next update. It will also make the dialogue system inclusion easier and nicer to work with.

Speaking of which, Goldie and I have both been digging in to Dialogical, a Unity asset we’ve brought in to support branching dialogues. It’s a great bit of kit, and we’ve been taking notes and laying the groundwork for getting it hooked in to our body system and game data. This will let us do all sorts of fun things, since its capable of both receiving data and sending data out. It can hide or disable options depending on your stats, as a basic example, and send changes to game data, for instance if an NPC needs to remember something you did or said, or a dialogue option results in changes to your body. It has a nice UI and should make plugging in written scenes simple and easy.

So, there’s been a lot of hard work, some of it not too exciting to read about but necessary. Now that these big problems are solved though, with no small effort, we can focus on the fun stuff.

Until next time!

P.s. It’s my birthday! Bring me cake.

6 Responses to “Mid-February Update”

  1. DMC 4EVER UCCI says:


  2. Panre says:

    Congratulations 😀 !!!

    I have questions (they are not really related to the engine)

    1. Will NPS respond to your appearance? And I’m not talking about masculinity or femininity. I have in mind the degree of attractiveness (How beautiful you are) or how terrible you are. Will there be something like a frightening appearance in appearance? (And I’m not talking about not a beautiful exterior. Example > Dragon Smaug, He’s beautiful, but he makes you scared of him)

    2. Will there be any parasites in the game? Like in CoC (Worms) Or live slime that fills every hole of yours and lives in you (Nuts, belly, pussy)?

  3. Tommie says:

    Happy Birthday, Benji! I just had mine earlier this month. Hope yours goes well!

  4. Daniel says:

    It’s so god to hear that things are going great~! I’m relieved that things were finally sorted out for all this and it sucks that you guys had to do it in the first place, but I totally get it~ *grins*

    I’ve been following this thing for months now and have been seriously looking forward to it getting published for the public~! *purrs* I wish I could support this project financially, but I’m out of the job currently and what money I do have needs to be saved for rl problems of mine.

    But you can definitely count on me to support you guys from the sidelines~!

    I hope things continue to be awesome, you guys~!

    ~ Daniel (AKA Dragon)

    P.S. Happy Birthday~!

  5. Dudeorama says:

    Happy birthday!

  6. Glassia says:

    Happy birthday man. I wish you and the team luck on the project!

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