Mid-December Update

Hey guys,

We’re finally back online! Huge apologies for the wait. Murphy’s law in full effect. It took me making phone calls to Canada to partner companies asking managers to send a message along to get their shit in order, but we got there. Massive thanks to Crimson for helping out. The forum is still being weird server-side but it should be mostly operational now. Let us know in the support subforum if you have any problems.

The server downtime probably happened at the best time though, as all of us have been short on time. There’s a lot of family things that happened with me that I can’t really go into, but some of you might already know my mum got married, which was a big deal. The seasonal adjustment disorder is still going strong, but I’ve been making an effort to keep reading and learning more about coding. Crimson’s been nice enough to give me a little of his time to explain the more advanced designs in the code, and I’ve been taking notes.

Vahn’s had a little time to work on the code directly, further working toward getting moves and equipment lists reading into the game. Last I checked there were just a few bugs there to iron out. After that there’s some logic to put in so that the game knows how to use them in battles, so no more punching feral canens. Once that’s done I’ll consider battles a working prototype, and we’ll move onto the things we need to start making content: the player body data and the parser/director.

There’s already a ton of math and parameters set up for the player body. While my original code’s not usable itself, there’s a great deal in it there we can utilise. I have all sorts of calculations¬†ready, most of which are tested, for working out weights and volumes, fatness and musculature, orifice diameters, all that good stuff. I plan to work with Vahn on that closely so that it’s something I can then work on mostly by myself once the structure has been set up properly in keeping with the game’s current architecture. We’ll then have something we can point the parser at and focus on getting that working fully. Again, once the basic structure’s in place, it should something I can build and populate myself.

Thank you everyone for your patience over the past couple weeks. I know it’s been distressing for a few of you seeing the site down and slow updates, but we’re still here and we’re still doing everything we can, in no small part due to the support from you. Once I’m able to remain awake and functional for more than 12 hours at a time I want to get straight back into writing as well.

Until next time!

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  1. acanthan says:

    hey glad you guys are back online that was some serious downtime. is the company you guys use taking measures to make sure this doesn’t happen again? also is there a loosely estimated time frame on another teaser pre-alpha thing. not trying to sound impatient just excited to see what you guys have been working on.

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