Mid-December Update

Hey guys,

As mentioned last time, we’re working hard to get us toward the next update. Goldie and I have all but finished the basics for all body parts, including everything such as hair styles, fur/skin patterns, muscularity and fatness adjectives, even eyelash volume calculations. Yeah. We just finished putting together the math for that this morning and populating the SizeRanks with adjectives.

Here’s a paste of our current test results. There’s a few **MISSING** and NOTASTRING results, this just means the current character test model doesn’t have those bits or there aren’t words for it yet. The big deal is that everything is passing and implemented in this test. PASS means everything’s great, OKAY means the test model character doesn’t have that part, but it’s returning the correct response.

Next we’re moving on to tightening up the inventory interface and creating temporary transformation items so we can test all these in an in-game way, while I write the scenes that’ll be included in the update. I also want to get some art done for a brothel, since that’s where the first scene will take place.

Speaking of art, I’ve put together a few concepts that are on the Patreon post this week. There’s a few possible characters and armour designs there, and some NSFW stuff. I’ll be putting them up here in the next update, but I like to give the supporters a little extra where I can (Indiegogo backers will get the art in their email shortly). Drawing’s not been super easy with my neck problems lately, but it’s improving slowly and steadily. Thanks everyone for your support and kind words with that.

Until next time!

3 Responses to “Mid-December Update”

  1. JJVOODOO says:

    So i just heard about this game and im wondering is there an actual game to play yet? or is it still just a little demo and alpha character creation? from what i’ve seen it looks great and either way im gonna keep on eye on it.

    • Glass says:

      There should be an actual alpha or beta up soon-ish.

      • Glass says:

        Or, let’s just say they’re working on it. Massive props to them, by the way, for making this.

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