Mid-December Update

Hey guys,

It’s been a pretty tight couple weeks, with members of the team visiting family before Christmas, conventions, and one of us needing to emergency move across the US. We have at least been able to discuss and solve some pressing questions about how to proceed. On my end at least things have been reasonable, and I’ve continued to keep at my programming studies and even had some good enough pain days to get some art progressed, too.

If I can keep up this pace of learning I hope to be able to begin contributing to CS’s code in the new year. At this point I think I could get some things working, but my implementation would likely create more work when Crimson has to rewrite it. GUI at least is where I think I’m getting a good grip, and since it’s all my design I’m in the best position to put it together.

I don’t predict a great deal happening over the holiday and new year as everyone’s schedules are understandably pretty well booked. I hope you all have a great season and thank you all again for your continued love and support. Perhaps soon I can start feeling as though I deserve it.

See you all in 2020. <3

3 Responses to “Mid-December Update”

  1. nat123456 says:

    where i can play this game?

  2. Perrin says:

    In the FUTURE. Probably.

  3. Perrin says:

    Weird. Gravatar bug?

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