Mid-August Update

Hey guys,

Apologies for being a couple days late. It’s been a busy week, including my sister’s wedding tomorrow.

Goldie and I have been working closely on Bodyparts. Unfortunately Crimson’s current situation doesn’t afford him much free time for the moment, so Goldie and I are kind of tethered to continuing work on the Body until Crimson can put through the pull requests. Fortunately, there’s lots there to be busy with, and all of it worthwhile, seeing as the Body is such a fundamental system for Carnal Souls.

As it stands there are 33 different types of Bodypart. Every Penis for instance is divided into four parts: Knot, Shaft, Glans, Foreskin. A Penis will always contain at least a Shaft and a Glans, but can also have a Knot and Foreskin added. These can all be tweaked and changed individually, or by targeting the Penis container object, all be affected together. Also, as some of you might remember, CS uses a relative size system for descriptions. This is to ensure that parts are described according to your Body scale – A 12″ dick is much bigger on a goblin than it is on say, a centaur, and the game’s aware of this. However, some parts need to be relative to other parts.

Goldie’s done good work making this happen. So now, Foreskin can be described relative to the Glans which it surrounds. If you make your Glans very large, you’ll find that your Foreskin seems to be relatively smaller and tighter, and vice versa. This will give us much more expressive descriptions than describing it relative to your Body.

I’ve been going through Bodyparts and more closely inspecting their behaviours. Belly is a complex one, as its size is affected on multiple fronts by Fatness and any objects it contains – either fluid, eggs, offspring, etc. Thanks to the excellent tree-like system built for us, it’s no problem to have parts affecting other parts directly (good for inflation and pregnancy fans). Hips and Shoulders also needed some figuring out, as they’re I think the only objects with no calculated volume of their own. Instead, they act as extra dimensions to Upperbody and Lowerbody, changing their volumes respectively.

I’ve also been teaching myself Blender and 3D stuff. Aside from the belief that it never hurts to expand one’s skill set, I’m exploring the possibility of using it to generate weapon and item pictures. Here’s my first attempt, my cleric’s very silly warhammer based heavily on the Boom Hammer from Bloodborne. Only with wyvern horns stuck on, because why not. There’s also the possibility of using 3D to quickly put together a scene, like a castle, before painting over it for backgrounds.

Hopefully more juicy stuff soon. Let’s wish Crimson well during a pretty tough time so he can get back to working his programmatic wizardry for us.

Until next time!

3 Responses to “Mid-August Update”

  1. Statesss says:

    that is cool blender work 😀

  2. DMC 4EVER UCCI says:

    yoo, really cool 3d model to be your first one. My first one looked way uglyer

  3. danny222 says:

    good luck for you sister
    that hammer looks awsome makes me wish i could draw so i could try to put something up in the forum

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