Mid-August Update

Hey guys,

One of the few times I don’t feel quite so horrendously guilty about missing an update; My whole household and close family pretty much all got covid at the same time (three cheers for irresponsible weddings). Thankfully everyone seems to be past the worst of it, now. It could have been so much worse had everyone not been vaccinated. Please, get your jabs.

What work I have been able to do has been focused still on character generation. It is quite possibly the most important part of the game in its most basic form, since if nothing else, players should be able to interact with (read: bang) them in fun ways, and all of my fun ideas depend on the game’s deep awareness of characters’ physicality.

Further, I’m doing my best to design generation in such a way that it accepts modifiers during most stages. Not only to make it possible to carry out things like events, but also to allow for some tweaking from the player. For instance, buffing the average size of all dicks, or just some species, or making another species unusually short. Basically I’m saying that I’m conscious of how much time I’m investing into character generation, but I believe its for good reason.

Be safe, get your jabs.

4 Responses to “Mid-August Update”

  1. 1111 says:

    is there any other way to play except the demo and alpha

  2. Doll says:

    When will this be out? Lool i played the demo & the creation screen alone made me super excited. No game creation character ever made me feel this way. I can be female and also be what i want<3 also reading your features that are future planned into the game makes me love this more :3 anyways ive been searching all around to download until now i realised it still wasnt released:( i could be wrong but has this been going for years?(from like 2015?)
    Im on android btw, i tried playing the game.. the character creation page was working great but for the alpha not so sure.. anyways good luck<3
    Is there a way to subscribe to this? Idk a way to get a message/email when its released?

    • Benji says:

      I’m glad you’re excited for it! Yeah, a lot has happened, but I’m still working on it as much as I can. The easiest way to get updates is following @CarnalSouls on twitter. I put up a tweet there whenever there’s a bi-monthly update (or indeed if there isn’t one, I still tweet at least). No idea when I can get it out there, but I’m determined to.

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