Mid-August Update

Hey guys,

So, Crimson has been able to take care of a huge merge. Our code has been updated in tons of ways, primarily to put us in a position for the new Unity update. Here’s a run-down of everything done:

  • GUI code overhaul. Something Crimson’s wanted to do for a while, making the systems a lot nicer under the hood. Inventory screen is fixed again, something important for the next client update. There’s also the beginnings of support for switching gear mid-fight, taking your ‘turn’ to do so. (It’ll likely rely on a specific skill later on to do this.)
  • Battle code update. Again this tidies up code and makes it easier to work with and expand upon, using phases. There’s also code now to prevent a battle triggering immediately after one has finished.
  • All the changes for Grids2, our hexmap system, have been implemented. This will become obsolete once we update to the new Unity, since it has built-in support for hexmaps, but it safeguards us having our own working solution for the time being.
  • Tons of superfluous code removed.

On top of these things, it also primes us to move forward. The new ECS system in Unity looks like it’s shaping up to be exactly what we need. Goldie was already in the process of building something like it herself, but this solution will make things extremely lightweight for us. Which is important as, long-term, we want to support as many devices as we can.

The next step will be a combination of working on what is safe to work on to progress towards the next client update. My preferred order of business is to get that out first, then handle the update to the new Unity before expanding farther from there.

More of a side-note, I’ve also been working on what I hope will be a large quest chain – or, failing that, a written story. What I’d love to do is have a book based in CS’ world, and the game weaves in with the events therein. It’s something I can do from bed, which helps. I have an MRI scan for my hip next month, and possibly a steroid injection into the joint, so hopefully I can get back to being able to work more solidly soon.

Until next time!

8 Responses to “Mid-August Update”

  1. Skade says:

    Sounds good. Looking forward to this game 😉
    And hope you’re better soon Benji!

  2. Red says:

    Sounds like Unity is giving you guys (almost) everything you need to make things easier. Can’t wait for a playable release.

    And hope the MRI goes well.

  3. Passerby says:

    Do not mind me, just here to say:

    @Benji, reCAPTCHA on forum does not work properly – it never finishes its loading. Due to that I cannot reset my password. Can you guys look at it? Or reset my password from admin actions (that too would work for me)?

  4. jjvoodoo says:

    Any estimate when an early version of the game will be ready for release?

  5. Perrin says:

    Choo choo.

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