Mid-August Update

Hey guys,

Crimson got pretty sick recently which hampered their recent progress somewhat. I could wait a couple days and have more to show you then, but I dislike having late updates. Now that the weaver of black magic code is feeling better we should have more to show you in the next one, but for now, enjoy these screenshots of the progress since last time:


We’ve tightened up the GUI here a little bit since last time. Better colours and labels which remain clear however far/close you zoom in, and the districts remaining visible whether you mouse over them or not. The POI and district view has also been improved considerably, pictured below, including a marker to denote the player’s current location.


We also have the basics for encounters in, which can happen right now whenever you move around the city. As discussed in previous updates, for this we’re developing only exactly what we need and only when we need it, so things are going to look very basic until those features are needed. This here is to make sure we have basic variation in math, because:


How you travel around the city matters. Roads will get you there but have a standard chance of encounters. Alleys are faster and more direct in case you’re in a hurry, but can more easily lead to encounters. Hiring a taxi is faster and safer (not 100% safe, though) but costs some money.

It should also be noted here that we’re aiming to make where you are in the city as ‘open’ as possible. You can either travel to specific Points-of-Interest like those above, or be in the district itself, and move between them as you like and how you like. For example if you’re musically-inclined you might want to busk for coin, but might find you’ll get more interest doing it in the markets than at the docks. You also might find some shops/places will object to you doing it on their doorstep (same goes for looking for other, less savoury kinds of work).

When you travel to a POI you then have to go inside. Sometimes the place is locked, sometimes there are things happening inside or outside. Having the extra step there I think will allow us to do have a nice layer of detail on how you navigate the city, rather than appearing inside one shop then another.

Those at least are plans for the future, for now we’re ensuring that the basic framework is there to allow for those things later on.

Until next time!

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  1. yiso says:

    good to see how much you keep getting done. keep it up!

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