Mid-April Update

Hey guys,

I decided that the character generation script needs some rethinking, which will be my current goal. I have a working prototype which is roughly 600 lines, and although it does what I need right now, it’ll require some hacky solutions to make it able to accept procedurally randomised ‘recipes’ for generating new characters. As proof of concept though, it’s been a success.

The challenge now is to refactor the code so that the initial function to create a character can be called in a simple way and have its arguments easily weighted, randomised, and chosen according to preset desired outcomes. This is so the player can tell their recruiter something like ‘Next week, find me more catgirls’, or something of the like, and the next set of generated applicants will be weighted toward that (also taking into account how good the recruiter is at their job).

There are some much more boring and headache-inducing problems that have to be solved for this as well, but that is the main goal at the moment. I think that having some agency over who/what the player has access to is a pretty major point of importance. That, and being able to generate up to a hundred (if needed) characters as quickly as possible on a single button press.

Lastly, obviously the NHS is utterly swamped at the moment, so I’m still waiting to hear back from my pain doctor. I’m in dire need of having my pain meds upped/changed so until that happens I’m even more of a cripple than usual, so please bear with me.

3 Responses to “Mid-April Update”

  1. StressedByWork says:

    Honestly this whole thing feels like a scam. You had an indiegogo, you have a patreon. Yet there is no real product. With the amount of funding and time you have one would suspect you would have more done. It’s almost insulting that there still isn’t anything done, at least YandereDev could make a working beta.
    But it’s super cool you can use the money people funnel in to help support the game to commission art, that’s good for you.

    • Benji says:

      No, I don’t, and have never done. If you’re referring to anything Booster’s drawn it’s either A. because he’s a very close friend and we collaborate on personal ideas, or B. because someone else has commissioned him to draw something involving one of my characters. The one to which I think you’re referring was not in any way paid for by me (or by extension, the people that support me here). Eve, a stranger to me, approached him and posed the idea. My involvement was only to give permission for my character to be used. Because, like most artists, if I have ideas I tend to draw them myself. Sometimes Booster draws them for me because he’s nice like that, and I’m unable draw as much as I used to.

      What that money does is pay part of my rent, and this site and its various fees so that strangers can wander in, ignorant of everything I’ve said/done and tell me they ‘feel like’ I’m a fraud. If I was looking only to deceive people I think I would have made at least *one* attempt to promote this project in the last four or five years, but I haven’t, because I have nothing to show yet so to do so would be dishonest. Nor have I vanished with the money and set up shop elsewhere. I’m working on this, and will continue to work on this, regardless of how you or anyone else ‘feel’ about my progress. I’m one disabled man with zero previous experience in programming doing my best, and while I wish I could do more, I’m not going to apologise for failing to reach whatever completely unfounded ideas people have about X time plus Y money equal game.

  2. StressedByWork says:

    I just think you present things in a way that makes it seem like something substantial is on the horizon. I admit I was kind of an asshole, but my feelings remain the same. The amount of time and effort that goes into this makes the lack of an actual product confusing.

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