May Update

Hey guys,

The team’s life situations continue to be terrible, but like driders in the woods, we continue to prepare for when we get some more meat to play with. Goldie’s been building and rebuilding everything on a separate computer in order to eliminate the possibility of extra bugs appearing on her end due to her setup. This has given us some more information on what’s problematic and what isn’t, especially helpful with the work Crimson has to do on the merge.

I’m not sure if I mentioned it before, but it’s important to note the merge is a big one. On top of updating various assets (one for our map system, which completely overhauls the co-ordinates, so Crimson has to re-do our pathfinding and map generation), comes a deep optimisation pass for our UI. This’ll mean we’ll be a lot more able to add/change/generally work with our various UI’s, as well as working more efficiently under the hood.

A few comments on the blog expressed a desire to hear that I’m writing, even though I’d much prefer to forego previews so you can all experience it first time in the game. Well, I have been, although coincidentally not as much as I’d like recently; My mother’s needed a lot of extra care, which takes priority. But, my brain’s usually cooking something, and I’ve been writing things down, namely looking at quests and stories for the player to get involved in.

If I’m to emulate anything, it would likely be the New Vegas style of quests. Their advantage is working with a pre-established system, so on top of planning these quests, I have to make sure the player has the skills and tests to navigate them. If I had more time I’d like to play it more, perhaps I’ll try to soon. One such quest I’m working on mapping out involves a quest to aid a farmer who’s being plagued by a particularly sharp fox, and after investigation the player finds that there’s a lot more going on than the standard vulpine chicken-coop capers. My goal is Witcher 3 quality with New Vegas’ range of choice. Not an easy goal, but I don’t see the point in aiming for mediocrity.

Also, finally got a chance to make a doctor’s appointment today and have my hip looked at. I’ll update later, if anyone’s interested. It’s okay if you’re not, I know we’re here for the game, not Benji’s Diary.

Until next time!

6 Responses to “May Update”

  1. Mustang Flex says:

    I hope y’all’s situation improves, no one deserves the level of bullshit you’re going through. Even so, I’m glad things haven’t come to a halt, makes me hopeful that if and when things start looking up for everyone, you’ll really be getting stuff done.

    I outright squeed when you mentioned NV style quests, especially when the Ultra-luxe one is the one you’re holding up as a gold standard. Granted, not even NV has that level of depth for all it’s quests. But even if you fall short, you’re sure to produce something great by aiming that high.

    All told I’m still hyped for when I can finally get my greasy mitts on this game when it’s got some real content.

  2. Perrin says:

    Keep on chugging.

  3. Tacky says:

    Keep up the good work. Hopefully I can finally see my true love for nagas come true one day.

  4. ISeeThingsInGrey says:

    I’m excited for this and take all the time you need your already doing your best Benji!

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