May Update

Hey guys,

I’ve not been able to code much lately due to a pretty severe pain period, but have at least been able to sort out some things on the theory level. The main problem I think I’ve solved is how the character constructor class can/should handle the myriad different ways it can be influenced. Achieving a great deal of variety among randomly-generated NPC’s is easy enough with how I’ve built it so far, but the player needs control over how they’re generated as well.

The simple and brutish way would be to generate tons and tons of NPC’s and throw out ones that don’t match, but this way I believe I’ve figured out how to make it tend towards certain things and away from others. That way you can build the dream team of staff characters you want. A ton of modifiers and variables will be able to influence who is available for hire (the generated NPC’s) so it’s another one of those systems thats important to get right. I’m sure a qualified programmer could have figured it out sooner, but I’m just pleased I seem to have an idea how to tackle it.

As an example, you could inform your recruiters to only look for well-endowed prospective hires, or tall, or blonde, whatever. You could run a marketing campaign attracting certain kinds of new hires, or competitors could take some for themselves. Lots more big ideas that I want to do later on, but I think I have a good groundwork so those things will be doable later.

Also, my recent pain charts if anyone’s interested, tending towards red and orange a lot lately. I know how tiresome it must be that I’m always bringing it up, but it’s something I have to live and work around. Sometimes it just won’t let me, but here’s hoping I can get my meds adjusted soon.

3 Responses to “May Update”

  1. Weaselsneez says:

    Is there any sort of roadmap or rough/internal timeline at play?

    I totally get + understand all of the setbacks that have happened (so sorry pain management has been rough!), but do you forsee any sort of new demo/release/playable content in the next year? I’ve been following since ’16 and am kind of losing hope that I’ll ever get to play :/

  2. MisterUnknown says:

    Unfortunately health comes first and I understand it. So, friend Weaselsneez, “Patience is a virtue that is conquered” (Geoffrey Chaucer)

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