May Update

Hey guys,

This past month has been pretty much end-to-end with crappiness; if you’re interested or just morbidly curious I’ll add the details at the end of this update. Despite that there has been progress made, and things are evening out again now.

Goldie’s been focusing hard on the body system. As most of you know it will be another big step towards having functioning content in the game. However, it has a long list of requirements and as such requires careful planning; there’s been a lot of hours this month spent with all of us working out the details and how to build it. I’m happy to say that many of the big, hard questions have been answered and the plan for it is starting to take shape. There’s already a lot of parts of it built already; math for different body parts is already written, most of the intricacies are laid out, we know where everything goes and what affects what else.

I’d estimate that overall it’s more than half way done, what remains is mostly just building the parts that are missing and testing it. Every single part has slightly different behaviour, the challenge has been to identify the commonalities between parts and utilise those where possible. For instance, a potential form of classification is that parts’ volumes are calculated either as a cylinder or as a sphere, before being modified for more accuracy. Nipples and dicks are cylinders, breasts are spheres more or less halved with adjustment for shape. By finding characteristics like that it allows us to better standardise part creation interfaces.

There’s also the matter of parent-child relationships. Our system is not too dissimilar from a file tree – the body being the root and objects attaching to it, with further objects attached to those. Doing it this way should allow us to expand easily on the system as we go forward, as well as do clever things like expressing the tree inside Unity’s interface allowing us to easily debug and visualise what’s happening. Another goal is to make parts easily creatable on the fly – this means we can give NPC’s bodyparts as and when they need them, instead of having tons of useless data floating around just in case it’s needed. The deeply technical parts of how that works are a bit beyond my understanding, but after a lot of thought and planning the team have come up with elegant ways to make it happen.

I apologise that updates on the body system are a bit dry; it’s a very big, very intricate system that doesn’t get made overnight. We’re all of the mindset that we can rush it and rewrite it over and over, or get it right and build on it as we go.

Until next time!

Notated version of Benji’s April:
Girlfriend of 4.5 years, plans on marriage, that ended. Cordially, but that took some time to get over. Brother-in-law’s dog went missing same day they got him, three days out looking with flashlights and making posters. Found it though. It had to have an amputation and now I’m helping them cover the operation costs best I can. Main monitor died, screwing up my workspace for a while, but managed to get a replacement. Am also still giving up smoking, too. Not off them completely but still committed to doing it.

4 Responses to “May Update”

  1. Mo says:

    damn dude, I am so sorry to hear about your ordeals. My best thoughts and wishes are with you. You are a true soldier. Much love.

  2. Woke says:

    Tough month, but I’m glad you made it through alright. Keep it up, you’re a strong lad.

  3. DMC 4EVER UCCI says:

    Yo dude, Thanks for letting us know of how things are going despite them going so badly at times. My heart is with y’all. Stay strong~

  4. WolfPlayer says:

    Live strong!!! Much Love. good luck. my condolences. we are patient 🙂

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